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The simple and easy to use app displays the most up to date features of the ASUSTeK/AIBatteryTester application.

ASUS Ai Charger App Features:

The device name will be shown on the top left corner.

The current state of the battery (empty, full or unknown).

The percentage of charge of the battery.

The current voltage of the battery.

The current state of the charging (e.g. charging, charging complete, charging error).

The percentage of charging.

Whether the charging is automatically or manually (manually via USB cable).

The device temperature.

The device’s (temperature, humidity, brightness, etc.) status.

Whether the device is powered off (Off), has a sleep mode on (Suspend), or in standby mode (Suspend).

A short description of the system that the mobile device is currently connected to.

The charging speed in mA.

The charging current in mA.

The state of the charging device (offline, charging complete, charging error, etc.).

ASUS Ai Charger is a free utility that is freeware, it is made available for educational use. It is available for free download.Q:

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I have Postfix and Sendmail configured on my server (via Plesk). The following sendmail command is running on my command line:
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ASUS Ai Charger Activation

Convenient! Your iOS device is your companion, while your computer is your host!

Try ASUS Ai Charger and let’s enjoy using your iOS device even more!
ASUS Ai Charger has the ability to charge your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) with no-drill in only 15 minutes, greatly saving your time. In addition, with the help of the bundled USB adapter, you can also charge multiple iOS devices at the same time.
To ensure that your iOS device can be properly charged, ASUS Ai Charger is equipped with high-end protection circuits. In addition, it is also able to recognize the battery type of your iOS device (normal, low-temperature, overcharged, etc.) and adjusts accordingly.
1. No-drill charging.
The USB adapter can be set onto the power socket in your Mac or PC. Simply plug in the adapter, and set your device next to it. You are ready to use your iOS device.
2. Quick charging.
Just plug your iOS device into the adapter, and enjoy a faster charging experience.
3. Dual-band charging.
You can charge your iPhone, iPad, and iPod through the adapter at the same time.
4. Low power consumption.
The adapters are built-in with optimal power supply, making it more efficient and quiet than other USB adapters.
5. Fast charging.

Step 2. Go to the download location and unzip the downloaded files.
Step 3. Move the folder from the extracted file to your desktop.
Step 4. Run the application.
Step 5. It will be shown „This app is compatible with my ASUS motherboard“.
Step 6. Click „Next“ button to continue.
Step 7. Connect your iOS device to your computer via the USB connector and start the charging process.
Step 8. When the charging time is over, your iOS device will automatically disconnect from the host computer.
Note: Some models are not compatible with some type of iOS devices. It is the user’s responsibility to find out if it is compatible before purchasing.

Note: The software support only ASUS motherboards.
Note: This software is a free demo version. The software is not free.

Manuals & Documents


Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Cable & Wiring

Cable & Wiring

Installation Guide

Battery Life

Battery Life

What’s New in the?

published:08 Oct 2015


A tool designed for optimizing the charge time of iOS devices, among other tasks. This will reduce the battery drain by preventing iOS devices from fully charging when not in use.

published:24 Sep 2015


A program designed for iOS devices. It allows the user to adjust the power delivery to his/her iPod, iPhone, or iPad, as well as the devices‘ clock. This can result in reduced battery drain while the device is in use.

This is the program that allows you to transfer your data wirelessly from your iOS devices to your Windows PC using wireless transfer.

What you’ll need:
• iOS Device (any iOS device will do)
• You will need to have iTunes installed. This can be found in the Apple App store. If you don’t have it installed, you will need to contact your Apple id or technical support.
• Desktop with Windows OS installed
• A wireless router (
Are you getting error in your iPod, iPhone or iPad? Do you want to be able to manage that device from your computer? Then this is the perfect program for you then.
You’ll be able to transfer files from your iOS device to your Windows PC via this program.
► Please make sure you watch the video about the installation process. It’s easy after you watch this video provide.

published:27 Mar 2015


Download/Install ASUS Ai Charger for Windows.
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Piano Gives Joy by Mattie Rozelle-Garcia

Download this game here:

published:30 May 2015


Download/Install ASUS Ai Charger for Windows.
You can also have a look at other video games for Windows, and find the best games for you.
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Piano Gives Joy by Mattie Rozelle-Garcia

System Requirements:

Platform: Windows
Windows XP or later.
Windows XP or later. Processor: Intel or AMD
Intel or AMD Memory: 4 GB
4 GB Video Card: DirectX 11 capable
DirectX 11 capable Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
15 GB available space Internet: Broadband Internet connection
Broadband Internet connection Sound Card: DirectX 11 capable
DirectX 11 capable CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive Other requirements: DirectX 9 capable
Game Overview:
Apollo 11