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Since the introduction of AutoCAD, software programs for technical drawing have become more popular and have grown into a wide range of different categories. A few of these categories include architectural CAD, BIM, and collaborative design. All of these software programs vary in their feature sets.

One reason CAD programs are becoming popular is that they allow a user to perform many tasks with one application. For example, a user can create a drawing on his or her laptop, edit the drawing, and then submit the modified drawing for approval to a design review board. These tasks can be completed more efficiently by using a CAD program. In addition, users no longer have to go to a separate office with a design review board to approve their designs, and they can instead use CAD software.

Design review boards are normally used to approve architectural design plans. They are particularly important in developing new buildings. Design review boards usually consist of architects and other designers. Architects design the look of the building, and other designers design its parts, such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Sometimes, as in the case of a school or a nursing home, design review boards will also take into consideration the emotional needs of the people who will live in the building. Because design review boards are in place, architects can no longer design a building without a check by someone who knows the building’s purpose. Without a design review board, architects may design a building without considering its emotional needs.

However, design review boards are not completely required for an architect to design a building. Some architects will design a building themselves, even though they know that someone else will review the plans. Architects will also design a building that they know will be used by the local community or the government. The architect might design the building to fit into a very specific area. An architect may not worry about a design review board in this situation because they know that their design is within the limitations of the use of the building. This is especially true if the building is being designed to serve a specific government or a particular community.

CAD software has helped designers to create innovative designs that fulfill a large number of potential uses. Some of the more common uses for CAD programs include:

Building layout: Architects use CAD software to create a building’s basic plan.

Door or window design: Architects use CAD software to design the doors or windows that will go on the building.

Plumbing design: Architects use CAD software to create designs

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AutoCAD is used by professionals and students alike for 2D drafting, technical drawing, design, engineering, and construction.

You can also use AutoCAD to create 2D drawings in architectural, mechanical, electrical, industrial, plumbing, sheet metal, signage, and other specialized industries. AutoCAD gives you the freedom to express your creativity as much as you want, helping you get your job done.

AutoCAD 2015 is an upgrade to AutoCAD 2015. The AutoCAD 2015 software adds numerous new features and functionality, including:

*Revit Architecture and mechanical components. A number of new features in AutoCAD Architecture 2016 for Revit Architecture help you design mechanical and plumbing systems. You can import mechanical and plumbing systems as designs in AutoCAD, and they will show in the Revit Architecture project. You can use AutoCAD as a system layout tool or export the 3D model to Revit for further construction management. Revit Architecture 2016 and Mechanical for Revit Architecture are required to use this feature.

*Great Plains Workspaces for Revit. With Great Plains Workspaces for Revit, you can import objects from 2D to 3D in AutoCAD, import models from Revit Architecture into AutoCAD, and import building elevations and sections from other software applications.

*New features for AutoCAD Mechanical 2016. You can edit the features in AutoCAD Mechanical 2016, as well as automate door and window functions. This update to AutoCAD Mechanical includes dynamic project-based collaboration with Microsoft Teams.

*New features for AutoCAD Electrical 2016. In AutoCAD Electrical 2016, you can create electrical circuit diagrams in 2D or 3D, calculate in 2D or 3D, and simulate models of electric systems.

*Changes to scheduling. The AutoCAD team made a number of scheduling changes to improve efficiency and usability.

AutoCAD 2016 has been redesigned to streamline the user experience and deliver more features to users. The user interface has been redesigned to provide faster interaction and more responsive user feedback.

Additionally, in AutoCAD 2016, you can use the latest version of the ribbon, which was introduced in AutoCAD 2015. You can customize the ribbon, making it more user-friendly and delivering a better user experience.

AutoCAD 2016 comes with a new Sidebar Manager. You can open, close, and customize the Sidebar Manager. You can change which folders

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup Assist features a new kind of “guide,” a marker that follows a path or other object to ensure your drawings are drawn correctly.

A new Styles panel provides you with a more complete set of customization options for creating your own distinctive style marks.

Use the Draw Object tool and import an image to insert into your drawings (video: 1:25 min.)


Get the most out of your designers’ time and precision with new annotation and mensurating features.

The annotation feature provides you with tools for drawing, annotating, and creating a watermark in the most efficient way possible.

Mensurating settings now support path geometry, making your designs more precise and more aligned with engineering standards.

The press menu has been redesigned, making it easier to find and apply more press-specific settings.


The Scan Tool now recognizes your brand and other objects automatically. Use it to identify, track, and capture non-geometric features.

You can now make color and line profiles for the most common pen types.

The Scan tool can now detect and extract the colors of non-object items like text, and “blob” shapes into separate elements.

New editing tools are available in the Scan tool, such as a zoom box to zoom into a specific part of the image.

Importing Illustrations

Use new templates for importing illustrations directly from the web.

New options for importing illustrations from online sources with resolutions from 300 DPI to 2000 DPI.

Improved file importability.

Improved filter settings.

Designer Tips:

Mouse and keyboard shortcuts can now be modified at any time.

Drawing commands are now more flexible, allowing them to be grouped in new ways.

Navigation and scaling can now be controlled independently, making it easier to create precise layouts.

User interface improvements make it easier to find and activate objects and tools.

The Find button is now available on the ribbon.

Building off:

Get in sync with our latest AutoCAD features. Join the beta for more information, and watch for an early access program to test AutoCAD 2023.


When you work with AutoCAD, your designs should look familiar, using familiar tools and methods. The goal of AutoCAD is to make

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (64 bit)
1 GHz or faster processor
10 GB available space
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (such as a Nvidia 7600/7200, 8600/8600, 8800/8800 GT, 9600/9600, or a compatible ATI Radeon)
1024×768 display resolution
DirectX 9.0c compatible audio card
Hard Drive:
1 GB available space