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AutoCAD is a tool used by architects, engineers, surveyors and others in many areas of architecture, including interior design, landscape design, architectural drafting, and structural design. AutoCAD can be used in a traditional manner with pencil and paper, or can be used with a digital pen (IntelliPoint). It is also possible to create worksheets that include AutoCAD drawings and information from other applications (for example, Excel spreadsheets), then print and send to a printer or plotter. AutoCAD also integrates with other Autodesk applications, including the AutoCAD Architecture and Construction Data (ACD) product line, and the Autodesk Revit Architecture, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Building Information Management Systems (BIMS) products.

AutoCAD’s key differentiators are its intuitive graphical user interface, strong toolkit of design applications, and ability to import and export file formats. Its ability to import all file formats enabled its original use as a desktop app, even though it is not a native format for AutoCAD. AutoCAD’s ability to share documents and merge them into one is a major strength for collaboration, particularly in designing a large project or building.


AutoCAD is available as a desktop app, integrated mobile apps, and as a web application.


The Mac version of AutoCAD was first released in 1988, and introduced several features that were not available in previous releases, including:

Parallel, Adobe Draw, and Microsoft Word compatible text editing

Shapes editing and specification

Color and pattern editing

Eraser tool

Rectangular and Block Selectors

Object Snap

The Mac version of AutoCAD is available through the Mac App Store.


The Windows version of AutoCAD was first released in 1988, and is available through the Windows Store.


AutoCAD Lite is the application equivalent of the desktop version of AutoCAD and can be used to create and edit drawings. It also can be used to view, store and print CAD files. AutoCAD Lite features include:

AutoCAD Map Viewer, which allows users to view a map of the current project, as well as review project plans.

AutoCAD Sketchpad, which can be used to create and edit freehand sketches.

AutoCAD Mobile, a free app that

AutoCAD 2019 23.0 Crack PC/Windows

Autodesk Design Review
Autodesk Design Review is a form of reviewing or checking the presentation of a design to ensure that it conforms to industry standards. It is similar to the review process used by architects and engineers.

First released in 2005, Autodesk Design Review (DR) is a stand-alone software application that supports the simultaneous review of many DWG, DXF, and PDF files. The main window of the application shows thumbnails of the current file, the files to be reviewed, and the review information. The files can be changed dynamically by double-clicking on a file or through the use of a keyboard shortcut. The Design Review window is separated into sections, including Comments, Materials, Symbol References, Dimension Tracking, Render Settings, and Navigate-to Options.

Multimedia AutoCAD Plugins
Autodesk Multimedia Plugins allow developers to create AutoCAD extension or add-ons which will interact with the graphic interface or the underlying model and support commands, tools, drawings, features and functions.

Autodesk Multimedia Plugins are written in a variety of languages including: AutoLISP, Java, LISP, Visual LISP, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, Adobe Flex and Flash. These languages are typically selected by plugin authors who are proficient in these programming languages, and by users who need a specific feature or function not available in AutoCAD. The languages used by Autodesk Multimedia Plugins vary depending on the features of the plugin.

Multimedia Plugins may include multimedia content such as video and animations.

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A.1.1) To start the software.
From the main window, select File > New > Import > Import Digital Drawings.

Step 2: You need to set the output type to either DXF or DWG.
If you import directly to DWG, the dimension line is imported as TEXT.
If you import to DXF, the dimension line is imported as a LineString object.

Step 3: After you set the output type, you will see the main window. Select the radio button corresponding to the DGN file format (DXF or DWG) and press the Import button.
Step 4: You will see the main window.
Select Import To Current Project, Enter Project Name and click OK.

Step 5: You will see the final output.
Step 6: You can use the dimension line in the Sketchup drawing.


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What’s New in the?

Recreate history with Markup Assist, a cross-platform tool that allows you to restore, copy, or make changes to your drawing with just a single click. (video: 6:26 min.)

Photorealistic textures with Déjà Vu, a unique natural appearance that adds a life-like feel to your design. Déjà Vu surfaces don’t require any specific type of lighting or topology. (video: 1:36 min.)

Create local and remote web apps:

With these two tools you can create powerful web apps that look and function just like the desktop software. There’s no need to worry about coding — it’s all done for you.

Streamline and automate your day-to-day workflows:

Save hours of manual re-work with Power BI on the cloud. Transform data into custom reports that are sent directly to your desktop or mobile devices.

Data from internal sources can be exported into a wide range of formats, making it easy to convert any information into a format compatible with mobile apps, web services, and AutoCAD.

Adjust objects directly in the Object Inspector. Change object properties in one place, instead of having to go to multiple toolbars and menus.

Design with your brain and your hands, with an intuitive user interface. Stay productive and focused with on-screen graphics, intuitive multi-touch gestures, responsive touch controls, and new touch-based pen and stylus support.

Enable business partners to access your designs directly. As a service, you can share your CAD models with others through ShareDirect and secure document delivery via web services.

Go Live!

Time-saving tools for every part of your day, including tools for making presentations and reports, setting up meetings, and more.

Work smarter with many new tools for project planning and management. Organize your designs and projects into robust project-based workspaces, then quickly share your plans and assignments with colleagues.

With the Design Mechanic, you can quickly evaluate your designs to make the most informed decisions for your next job. See what’s changed, and what’s essential, with a just-in-time design review that’s available on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Stay connected with the best networking tools available. Instant messaging, video conferencing, and the

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 1.7 GHz
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Graphics: DirectX 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
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Memory: 4 GB RAM
Network: Broadband