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AutoCAD enables users to perform various geometric and drafting tasks by producing 2D and 3D drawings. It supports linear, radial, and spiral arcs, freeform geometry, conic sections, and other geometric solids. Additionally, AutoCAD can be used to create complex shapes such as curves, arcs, splines, and circles. The software can also be used for 3D modeling, 2D and 3D rendering, and parametric modeling.

Autodesk acquired the company that developed AutoCAD, AutoDesk, in 1999. Autodesk has released several new versions of AutoCAD since that time, along with new editions of AutoCAD LT (for smaller businesses and professionals), AutoCAD eDrawings, AutoCAD WS, and AutoCAD Inventor.

AutoCAD Features

AutoCAD includes many feature that were developed in-house at Autodesk. The original release of AutoCAD was 2D only, with a later release introducing a 3D component.

Vector Artwork

AutoCAD’s vector editing tools enable users to make 3D and 2D drawings that can be scaled at any size without losing clarity. This vector editing allows users to produce smooth curves, paths, arcs, and splines.

Graphic Commands

The graphic commands feature lets users control the attributes of the objects on screen. Commands include relative and absolute modes, shape creation, path construction, and drawing.

The User Interface

Users can customize the entire user interface, such as toolbars, menus, palette, views, and 3D panoramas.

2D and 3D Viewports

The 2D and 3D viewports in AutoCAD are used to view objects created in AutoCAD. Viewports can be resized to adjust to different drawing sizes.

Drawing Controls

The drawing controls feature lets users perform actions with tools, such as drill and chamfer. When using the control toolbar, users can choose tools and zoom in and out.

Block Definition

The block definition feature enables users to add features and text to drawings. The block definition feature is separate from AutoCAD’s drafting blocks.


The bookmarks feature enables users to store frequently used objects in their drawing. Bookmarks can be created or selected in the user interface or on the drawing canvas.


The animations feature allows users to create and

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The AutoCAD software uses Rhino (written in Java) for 3D modelling and rendering. The AutoCAD software uses proprietary extensions in its rendering engine named Viewports, to speed up rendering and handle large model sizes and complex meshes (both 2D and 3D).


AutoCAD provides three main types of plotting: 2D, 3D and Plot Markers. AutoCAD supports plotting by means of data tables, existing drawings, or text data with associated drawings. A data table consists of a simple table that holds data, with associated draw objects. If necessary, certain draw objects in the current drawing can be added to the data table. AutoCAD can also read the data from a CAD file.

As a vector graphics editor, AutoCAD provides many vector graphics features, including standard vectors, multi-point and multi-line paths, rounded corners, and, for some applications, freehand drawing. These are supported by objects that can be inserted into a drawing. On the other hand, the 2D drawings are based on the outline of the objects. 2D drawings can be exported to PDF or XPS format.

In the current version (2016), the Plot Marker object is the only plot-related object. Plot Markers can be used to plot vector or bitmap data. Markers can be attached to existing 3D model geometry or they can be attached to other plot markers.

AutoCAD provides a number of techniques for converting text to drawings. Some of these are based on the Text function, while others are based on 3D or 2D constraints, and a few are hybrid techniques, which use a combination of the two methods.

Drawing objects

AutoCAD is an Object-Oriented program. A typical drawing is a collection of objects with properties. These objects (drawings, groups, views, etc.) can be converted to templates to generate drawings. The results are dynamic drawings, which are updated whenever the original drawing is modified. The drawing can be saved to a number of formats, including AutoCAD native formats (DWG, DXF, PDF, etc.), DWG, DWF, and XPS. AutoCAD native formats include Solidworks or Fusion 360 formatted CAD drawings (DWG, DXF, DWF), raster images (.png,.jpg, etc.), and PDF. Any drawing in DWG, DXF, DWF or PDF can be saved

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Start Autocad and go to File->Open…, choose „All file types“, search for „map“ and open map_2017_keygen.acad (.acad)

Attach the keygen map to your map layer in Autocad using the following steps.

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You can copy the keys to another map layer, just repeat the steps above.

Keygen is already integrated in the map editor as keygen_2016_keygen.autocad and you can import all keygen maps using the keygen_2016_map_reader.acad tool.

Map data format

Map data is in the ADMT map file format.

ADMT map files have the following extensions:


All files are supposed to have a file version of 8 at the beginning of the file.

ADMT maps can be read by Autocad using the Autocad_2016_map_reader.autocad tool.

The user guide of the map reader is here:

Adobe Air format

Adobe Air *.air file extension is another extension of the ADMT format and can be used with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

* maps have the extension.air and can be opened using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Air maps can be read by Autocad using the Autocad_2016_map_reader.autocad tool.

The user guide of the map reader is here:

What’s New In?

Add responsive behavior to your drawings. Your team can work collaboratively on your project, using AutoCAD for day-to-day work and sharing feedback online.

Added support for U.S. Navy personal encryption technology (myPES).

Reorganized the edit commands with edit panels. Added simplified keyboard shortcuts.

Added localized tooltips.

Added geometry selection techniques and a 3D visual model.

Autodesk Infrastructure

Autodesk 360:

Autodesk 360 Cloud helps you make new business connections in a secure, compliant, and mobile way. It gives you the confidence to move your ideas, your data, and your models to the cloud.

Autodesk 360 Design provides a collaborative 3D Design software that helps you engage with your customers and your workforce from anywhere on the planet.

Autodesk Inventor:

Your customers and prospects have high expectations when it comes to collaboration. You need to reach out to them, and you need to be where they are. To do that, you need Inventor.

Inventor 2018 has been redesigned to make it easier for you to prepare to use the latest Inventor features and those in Autodesk 365. (video: 1:00 min.)

Inventor 2018–CAM is a collaborative design tool that has been designed for your most important work: collaboration. It brings together CAD, animation, and editing in an intuitive way, and it runs on devices that most designers use.

SketchUp Pro 2018:

SketchUp Pro 2018 is a complete 3D modeling, rendering, and collaboration platform for high-definition design, animation, and engineering. It works with SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, and 3ds Max, and is the foundation for Autodesk 360 Design.

SketchUp Pro 2020:

SketchUp Pro 2020 delivers the benefits of the most powerful 3D modeling and collaboration platform in the industry, with advanced tools and new features for engineering, modeling, and rendering.

SketchUp Pro 2017:

SketchUp Pro 2017 enables anyone to model complex ideas using a familiar point-and-click interface. It brings your ideas to life in 3

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

* Windows 10
* Intel (or AMD) compatible CPU
* Minimum 1 GB of RAM
* 4 GB of free disk space
* 10,000 gold or higher
* Internet connection
* Sound card
* DirectX 11 and D3D Compatible Video Card
* Windows Xp compatible software will be available soon for those who have older computer.
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