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The AutoCAD software was originally designed to be used with its companion computer program, AutoCAD LT (also marketed by Autodesk), a software application for drafting and diagramming on the Apple II family of computers and, later, the IBM PC compatible. AutoCAD LT was released in 1980. This introduction of the software was one of the first examples of the merger of the Computer-Aided Design and Desktop Publishing disciplines, and one of the first desktop publishing software programs for the IBM PC.

A typical AutoCAD user works with a 2D drawing canvas, overlaid with a large 3D model in the context of the main design application.


AutoCAD was originally created by Walter Shewhart, Jim Stephens, and Dick Bovett of Autodesk for the 1982 introduction of the 3D Drafting Package (3DDP) series of CAD applications. 3DDP was introduced in 1982 and the first commercially available version of AutoCAD was released in 1983. Its history has been convoluted with one parent company after another; the original parent company was Autodesk, Inc. in 1982, then it became Unisys in 1985, and in 1986 it was renamed AutoDesk, Inc. The AutoCAD software is now owned by Autodesk, Inc. and is developed by Autodesk Inc. Software.

In 1998, AutoCAD turned 10 years old and began the first phase of a major overhaul of the system. The result of this overhaul is AutoCAD LT (Autodesk Revit LT) and the 2006 release of AutoCAD 2009, which was primarily a UI redesign to make it more accessible to the user. AutoCAD is available for the Apple II, IBM PC, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. As of 2013, it is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch as well. AutoCAD is also used in a wide variety of products, such as tanks, appliances, spacecraft and automobiles.

The first official release of AutoCAD was V1.0. An update for V1.0 came a few years later and was also called AutoCAD 1.0. The first official release of AutoCAD V2 was the April 1, 1984 release of AutoCAD 1.0, made available on the Apple II computer. An update to AutoCAD 1.0 for the Apple II came soon thereafter.

Autodesk was acquired by private

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Multi-threading support for DXF, DWG and DWF files, when Autodesk Inventor is used to create a drawing.


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What’s New in the?

With Markup Import and Markup Assist, you can create an image that can be printed or emailed, send the image as a PDF, and have AutoCAD import and incorporate the feedback into your drawing automatically.

Graphical User Interface Improvements:

Save the most commonly used toolbars and ribbon tabs as Favorites. Easily change your current settings to those you use most often.

When you select a symbol to edit, it will display the correct help text.

You can customize the text color of your CAD drawing on the Design tab, whether it’s in black and white or in color.

Improved tooltips for commands and dialog boxes.

OLE objects can now be automatically updated when they change.

Converting NetCDF files to CPG (CAD-specific format).

Support for relative paths in folder references.

Mouse wheel support when dragging the ViewCube.

Numerous internal improvements.

Support for Brazilian and Japanese characters in CAD and AutoLISP

Automatic orientation of text.

Enable or disable toolbars, menus, and status bars.

Simplified menus and window title bars.

Language settings now persist across sessions.

Configurable status bars and window title bars.

Improved responsiveness when you resize or move CAD windows.

Find/Replace Improvements:

Faster, smoother, and more reliable find/replace. AutoCAD now performs a second pass over text strings and finds duplicates, sorts strings, and expands text as you type.

The Replace option is now available from the Edit menu.

Insert comments that are customized for each drawing object. Comments can include as much detail as you want.

Large files, such as AutoCAD drawings and.obj models, can be opened directly from their folders in the History list.

Multiple layers can now be displayed at the same time in the Zoom/Pan window.

Window Alignment:

Automatically align windows to the center or corners of the screen. This can be set to the default of the new default, or to individual windows.

Automatically change the windows to the default size.

Window Placement:

The Change Window Size option allows you to quickly move, resize, and reposition windows as you work.

Copy Window Placement Now copy the current window placement when you copy a window.

The Freeze

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 (3.6 GHz) or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: AMD RX460 or NVIDIA GTX1070
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 70GB available space
Additional Notes:
This software is not compatible with the Oculus Rift S.
Additional Requirements:
Graphics: AMD RX470 or NVIDIA GTX1070

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