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About This Guide

This PDF guide is designed to help you get the most out of AutoCAD R19.0. It provides a brief explanation of the features, which are most relevant to you. For more in-depth information about AutoCAD’s functionality, you may find our Guide to the 20+ Features of AutoCAD (R19.0) helpful.

You can download this guide to the content below:

Note: The content in this document is applicable to Windows versions of AutoCAD R19.0. For Windows users, we suggest that you reference our guide to installing AutoCAD on Windows 10 PCs, which was published after the Windows update for AutoCAD R19.0.

What is new in AutoCAD R19.0?

This update (version 19.0) introduces a new animation capability called “3D rotation transition” (R19.0, R19.0.1, and R19.0.2). This feature is specifically for individual objects, called „objects“, that you create and rotate on your screen. Learn how to create and rotate 3D objects in AutoCAD R19.0.

To access the most up-to-date information about new features in the latest version of AutoCAD, visit the Releases and New Features page on the Autodesk website.

Restarting the Application

It is possible that you might receive the following message in the Application Window during your AutoCAD sessions:

„Restarting AutoCAD“

If you do, just press Yes to restart AutoCAD, and continue working.

General Settings

When you restart AutoCAD, the following settings are applied to all your existing objects:

Object Snap Settings. These settings are set by default to auto, which means that the object snap settings are based on the distance and angle of the nearest object. These object snap settings are not saved or set permanently. You can change these settings through the Object Snap dialog box, by selecting the Objects

AutoCAD Crack + Free [Updated]

Since version 2014, AutoCAD’s drawing standards are the DGN, DWG, and PDF (Portable Document Format), standard XML-based drawing standard used by CAD software. Although, in earlier versions of AutoCAD, the native file format was the DAR, drawing automation reference, a proprietary format for drawings on the PC. AutoCAD includes a set of drawing standards to support interoperability with other applications.

File format overview

AutoCAD files are described by the native format, which is the DXF format, which evolved from the original AutoCAD Architectural Drafting (ADR) format (Version 3, 1991) and has become an AutoCAD file standard. CADDS, AutoCAD’s data description language, the product of the DWG standard, was introduced in 1995 as a DWG format extension, with the intent to make AutoCAD design and engineering tools more human-oriented.

A newer standard, DXF, with significant changes, was introduced in 1999. The file format is part of the  Open Design Alliance (ODA) Draft Exchange Format Specification 1.0.

In 2000, the project to create a standard for engineering and manufacturing, the Drawing Exchange Format (DXF), began. The file format is part of the Open Design Alliance (ODA) Specification 1.0. With the support of AutoCAD, the specification also includes a Graphic Support Model (GSM) and a Data Dictionary.

In 2004, the AutoCAD Architecture (AutoArch) standard was formed with several goals, including internationalization and localization of technical information, development of a standard XML-based format for its data exchange, and the ability to share data with other applications.

In 2008, the Autodesk Exchange Framework 2.0, a web-based services platform, was created. Exchange Framework 2.0 was the base for:
Autodesk’s customer service, technical support and remote technical support services; Autodesk AppConnect (formerly Exchange Services)
Autodesk’s Autodesk Exchange Apps, Add-on applications that extend AutoCAD functionality, the Application Marketplace for the various Autodesk applications

In 2011, the Autodesk Exchange Framework 3.0 was released, based on the new WebDAV server technology. This new technology allows AutoCAD to directly connect to a web server. This technology allows users to log in to an AutoCAD server using standard web browser credentials.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?


Rapidly create CAD models in AutoCAD, or automate repetitive steps in your design process. Model parametric design patterns like interlocking gears, round over corners and automagically generate traces. Learn more here.


Tightly integrate AutoCAD with a variety of external systems, like SolidWorks, Make, 3D Warehouse, Web Services, and more.

Native, real-time collaboration with Autodesk Cloud Services:

Continuously access your AutoCAD drawings from within other collaborative tools like Inventor and Revit. Drawings that reside on the cloud are also searchable and shareable.

Powerful Mesh tools:

Create and manipulate mesh surfaces that are assembled by edges or shared vertices. With the simple tools you already know, you can quickly and easily add a coat of paint or select parts and move them around your model.

Multiple page layouts:

Create a single drawing with multiple page layouts and then integrate them for printing or exporting in other formats. An example would be a drawing that includes a plan, profile, elevation, and 3D view.

Many other enhancements can be found throughout the AutoCAD 2023 release. Watch this short video for a quick overview of the AutoCAD 2023 release features, some of which have been announced, some have been discovered, and all of which are now available to you.

What’s new?

Rapidly send and incorporate feedback into your designs. Import feedback from printed paper or PDFs and add changes to your drawings automatically, without additional drawing steps.

Supply Tooltip

If you have a printed drawing or a PDF that includes a drawing from another drawing, you can import a tooltip—a point-in-time link to a drawing that is updated automatically when the original drawing is modified. You can even add a drawing from another CAD package to your active drawing to make it easier to look up information and review changes. For example, you can have the Revit model of your home as the link in the tooltip, so you can quickly get back to viewing your own layout as you make changes.

Import from Shared Drawings

You can import feedback from shared drawing files. When you modify a shared drawing, it’s automatically updated in the workspace for all linked drawings that reference it.

Importing a shared drawing makes a number of changes to your drawing, including

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
Display Resolution:
2560×1440@60Hz (1080p or 720p)
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Vista
Intel HD graphics or Nvidia/AMD equivalent
Nvidia or AMD equivalent (GeForce GT 620)
Tested on:
Steam for Linux
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