AutoCAD is a comprehensive CAD program that is particularly suited for architectural design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, sheet metal fabrication, and the construction of industrial and commercial buildings. AutoCAD is usually used in tandem with companion software such as Inventor (by Dassault Systèmes) or Creo (by Autodesk). Together, these tools are often referred to as the „Autodesk Suite“ and are widely used in the worldwide construction industry.

AutoCAD is most often used for creating 2D and 3D drawings. The most common use of AutoCAD is to create 2D architectural drawings, such as floor plans, or for computer-aided design of buildings. AutoCAD is capable of working in 2D and 3D, so it can be used in all stages of a construction project. AutoCAD is used for most of the standard design activities for buildings including structural design, mechanical and electrical design, and most of the interior design, including the drafting of room layouts, furniture, and fixtures.

AutoCAD is capable of incorporating a large variety of graphics features including 2D text, linear and radial drawings, shapes, colors, and perspectives. The program is considered one of the best 2D drafting programs available. The drawing tools are designed specifically for the task of architectural drawing. AutoCAD features hundreds of different shapes, blocks, and tools for creating architectural drawings, such as floor plans, isometric drawings, exterior and interior views, perspective drawings, and even graphical perspective drawings.

AutoCAD is used by architects, engineers, and other related professionals to create computer-aided drawings of their work. They usually use it to construct all kinds of plans, elevations, sections, profiles, and details. AutoCAD is also used for technical documentation, in which drawings and information are saved to create charts, graphs, schematics, illustrations, and manuals.

AutoCAD is capable of designing all types of mechanical components, which includes gears, transmissions, linkages, and industrial equipment such as conveyors, pumps, motors, and elevators. It is especially useful for designing large factory equipment that requires architectural drafting and engineering drawings.

Users of AutoCAD can customize the software to meet their requirements. For example, users can change the size and shape of a handle, create their own shapes, or use 3D to add a cylinder or sphere to a drawing. AutoCAD is not limited

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AutoCAD Serial Key has many features, including 2D and 3D objects, text, schematics, direct modeling, archiving, modeling (modeling and design) tools, and project management. Autodesk features include a Gantt chart, timeline and work management, and 2D and 3D graphics tools. Other features include a database, word processor, web browser, USB support, barcode scanners, markup languages, and project tracking. The latest release (AutoCAD 2009) can also run on Mac OS X and Linux. AutoCAD is extensible, and people can write their own extensions.

Standard features

The standard AutoCAD package includes a three-dimensional solid modeling software capable of generating and modifying three-dimensional solid models. It can be used for any type of solid-modeling application including engineering design, architectural design, and industrial design. This software is often used to create maquettes, mockups, and illustrations.

The latest release of AutoCAD 2009 comes with a database. A database is a Microsoft Access 2007 table where each record is an AutoCAD drawing. This means that a single AutoCAD file can contain many drawings. The database also allows any revisions, updates, and additions to drawings to be incorporated into the current database. This is a very powerful feature, as it allows users to update individual drawings as the project progresses without having to search through many drawings. The database interface also allows for printing and exporting a database to other AutoCAD users.

AutoCAD has a common drawing file format called DXF, which stands for Drafting Exchange Format. It was originally intended to exchange drawings with each other between different CAD packages. It is also the native format of AutoCAD, as all of the features available in AutoCAD are also available in DXF format. DXF can also be imported into other CAD packages, such as LibreCAD, Schematica, ArchiCAD, and many other programs.

The standard package also includes a code-writing software called Visual LISP. LISP stands for „Lisp“ and is a computer programming language that is based on general-purpose programming languages such as C, Pascal, and Fortran. It is simple, reliable, easy to learn, and is a language that focuses on the concept of abstract data types. It is used to create AutoCAD plugins (add-on applications).

AutoCAD also supports custom

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What’s New In?

Handy toggle tool allows you to easily “read” where a component is in a drawing.

Add further assistance to AutoCAD with the new Markup Assist feature. Markup Assist’s “auto-correction” function allows you to improve problematic elements, for example, overlaps, in a drawing.


The ability to drag and drop components from one drawing to another is now available in DraftSight.

DraftSight also incorporates a new On Target command. Designers can now right-click an active tool or feature with the On Target command, and the On Target dialogue box appears to add the selected object to the active drawing.


Open the Dimensions panel in the Viewport to easily manipulate, edit, and print a drawing’s units.

ViewPort now displays multiple, rotating columns of unit values. For example, a drawing with a perspective and a scale can display both the perspective and scale viewports side-by-side.

Customizable Progress Bar:

On the Tools tab, the Progress Bar indicator shows the total number of frames in the drawing, and can be customized to show how many frames are in the first, second, and third groups of frames.

New View panel:

The new View panel displays a scene graph, allowing you to view the drawing as a sequence of layers.

Grouping and Tracking Improvements:

The new Grouping feature enables you to nest drawing components, such as AutoCAD entities and block templates, into one group. The Group setting also enables you to insert a graphic into a drawing to indicate a change in group membership. (video: 1:08 min.)

New Cross-References in AutoCAD now support tracking. Track a component, and AutoCAD automatically updates cross-references in linked drawings.

Search Filter Tool:

Use the new Search Filter tool to search for objects, features, and attributes.

Search also supports filtering by layer.

New Symmetric Lock, Mirror, and Cut tool features:

For AutoCAD users, the new Symmetric Lock, Mirror, and Cut tools allow you to mirror or cut only geometry that is symmetric about an axis.

Update to Support Drawing and Collaboration with Microsoft Teams:

AutoCAD now supports drawing with Microsoft Teams and collaborating with colleagues

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (64-bit Processor).
Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (64-bit Processor). CPU: Any processor will do.
Any processor will do. RAM: 2GB or more.
2GB or more. Video: Intel HD Graphics, AMD Radeon HD 5000, nVidia GeForce GT, etc.
Intel HD Graphics, AMD Radeon HD 5000, nVidia GeForce GT, etc. Hard Drive: 4GB or more.
4GB or more.