Trails of the Ancestors is a roguelike-like top-down shooter / dungeon crawler, inspired by old school dungeon crawlers such as Dungeon Master, Rogue, Ultima Underworld and the like. Every dungeon has a storyline and the overworld is procedurally generated. You are a shaman and, with the help of your ancestors, you need to find a way to destroy the Abyss. The Abyss is a dark force that draws its power from the underworld and, thus, finds its location in dungeons called lairs. … Features: The dungeons are procedurally generated. Each time you start a new run, you will start in a different one. A dark force, called the wailing Abyss, is trying to obliterate the spirit world. You are a shaman and, with the help of your ancestors, you need to find a way to destroy the Abyss. Easy to learn controls. You can access the menu, pause the game, change weapons and equipments with just a click. There are no reload animations. You can make quick progress by using your skills. The game also features a variety of spells that must be equipped. Some will also be found throughout the overworld. A heavy emphasis has been placed on an immersive sound system. We went the extra mile and included multiple sound effect layers, all of which can be switched on and off at any time. Trails of the Ancestors is an isometric role-playing game set in a roguelike-like, top-down, 2.5D environment. It features a unique intuitive interface, with the ability to customize the controls to your liking. As well as a variety of different classes that you can change between at any time, you can also easily select between several different character races with unique attributes such as hair color, skin tone, and a unique class-based set of features. By adjusting the controls, you can make progress through the game by accessing the menu, pausing, changing weapons, equipping equipment, using your spells, and using bombs in order to uncover further caves. About the development: Trails of the Ancestors is a project started more than 2 years ago by a group of old school friends and former university mates. We wanted to create a new 2D game based on our experience of playing old school games. We wanted to give you an old school interface, with the ability


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