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How to do a list comprehension in a class?

I have a list of dictionaries and want to do a nested list comprehension to get the amount of dictionary-objects.
At the moment it’s working like this:
def getAmount():
amount = list(map(lambda x:x[„amount“], theList))
return amount

I want to try to translate this code to a list comprehension but I can’t figure out how to do this. This is what I tried so far:
def getAmount():
amount = [ lambda x:x[„amount“] for x in theList]
return amount

But that doesn’t work.


No, that doesn’t work.
What you want is
amount = list(map(lambda x:x[„amount“], theList))

but there’s no point in putting that into a class, as you could have just done
amount = map(lambda x:x[„amount“], theList)

La llegada de los «nuevos y recién llegados» es uno de los principales puntos del programa político de Cambiemos

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El frente político, el mito de Cambiemos. El kirchnerismo se refugia en las dudas. El peor signo de la derrota de la ex presidente fue la seguridad de los militantes, los generales y los almirantes que están dispuestos a toda costa a que Mauricio Macri vuelva al poder. Los suyos temen que, con un gobierno de Cambiemos, la persecución de gente inocente, los recién llegados, sus oficios y sus ítems sea aún más intensa.

„Todos los nuevos y recién llegados“

What’s New In?

The Connection Manager application was developed to be a small tool that will allow the user to automatically switch Internet connections dependent on the time of day/week.

This program runs continuously and can be accessed from the Windows tray. It alters the default internet connection according to the time of day/week. It is particularly useful for connecting to ISPs which grant freephone numbers for use at weekends and evenings.

Once installed (SETUP.EXE) it is recommended that the program is placed in the startup folder so that it is always available. To configure, right click on the icon and select the dial-up-networking connection for peak and off-peak periods. Then set the off-peak times throughout the week.A second woman has come forward to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriately touching her during a recent campaign event.

The accusation comes amid a growing number of women who have accused Biden of unwanted touching, though he has denied these claims and made jokes at the expense of his accusers.

A woman who identifies herself as an undocumented immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo and who asked to remain anonymous told NBC News that Biden reached over, touched her, and grabbed her by the head during a 2019 campaign event in Indiana.

She said she reported the incident to officials at the time but did not know Biden’s alleged conduct was sexual harassment until she read about a 2020 accusation made against the former vice president on a news site.

The woman, who was in the U.S. illegally, said she was startled to see that Biden had touched her, as the former vice president had previously cast doubt on immigrants‘ ability to be president.

„I felt vulnerable, and I felt like, oh my God, I was somebody’s daughter,“ the woman said, describing how she was taken aback and hurt when Biden reached over, touched her, and grabbed her by the head, leaving her with a mark.

She added that she was „extremely confused“ as to why Biden had done so.

„I was really confused. I was like, why would he grab me like that, why?“ she told NBC News. „I just couldn’t understand why he was touching me in a way that he shouldn’t have.“

She said she was „very shy“ as a child and was not comfortable with interactions with men, so she assumed that Biden had been trying to talk to her, and she was grateful that he had not been more forceful or aggressive with her.

The woman told NBC News that she was concerned about her immigration status during the Biden campaign, and she said that while she has not been in danger in the U.S., she and her children fear deportation. She was afraid to speak publicly about the incident, she said, and even now she will not use her full name or disclose her location.

„For me it was a pretty stressful situation, and

System Requirements For Connection Manager:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5 or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA graphics card with support for DirectX 12
Processor: Intel i7 or better
Memory: 16 GB RAM
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