Considered to be one of the best alternatives for the illustrious Dash app, is a useful web app that provides its visitors with instant access to reference manuals for almost all libraries and front-end languages, as well as to APIs and their official documentation in a single-page format.
It's available as a Sublime Text and Brackets plugin, and it's also available as a Chrome extension, but unfortunately, there is no official desktop client.
However, thanks to the mighty Electron app, you can now access the full functionality of DevDocs without having to use a web browser and directly on your computer's desktop thanks to an unofficial client dubbed DevDocs App.
Brings to your computer's desktop in just a few seconds
Deploying DevDocs App on your computer, only requires you to launch its installer. You can then sit back and relax while it automatically takes care of everything for you.
If you have ever used the DevDocs web app before, then you should have no problems whatsoever, since the wrapper allows you to take advantage of all the available features, easily accessible from the same slick and responsive interface.
API documentations for almost all programming languages, now accessible without a web browser
You get the same impressive support for a dozen programming languages and their APIs. For example, C, C++, CoffeeScript, CSS, DOM, Git, HTML, HTTP headers and status codes, JavaScript, jQuery, Markdown, PHP, Python, React, Ruby, SVG and much more.
As expected, you can also fetch various documents that are not currently displayed, but you will need Internet access, mind you. Searching for documents and navigating within them is quite straightforward as each set if displayed in expandable tree-like structures.
Smooth-running DevDocs unofficial client
To conclude, If you are sick and tired of having tons of separate browser tabs with documentation content and you want to be able to access DevDocs from a distraction-free environment, then DevDocs App is surely worthy of your attention since it's currently the only wrapper for DevDocs at this time.







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DevDocs is an open source client application for developers that allows you to view API, API documentation, API reference, API reference documentation, API definition, API definition documentation, and API definition reference from any browser.
DevDocs was inspired by service like Google API Sandbox, Amazon Mock, Google Test and many others.
Key features:
? View your API reference and API documentation with a web browser on your device, without a plugin
? Visually filter your API reference and API documentation
? Quick access to local and remote API reference documentation
? Advanced search and filter options
? Storing API documentation locally for offline access
? Multiple language support
? Supports almost all open source programming languages like:
C, C++, C#, C#+, Coldfusion, CoffeeScript, CSS, Dart, HTML,
Java, JavaScript, JavaFX, JsDoc, JavaServerPages,
Kotlin, Kotlin, LESS, LESS, Markdown, PHP, Python, Ruby,
Scala, SVG, Swift, TypeScript, and many more.
We developed DevDocs to help developers quickly and easily find and access API documents on-the-go, as well as to improve their efficiency and productivity.
Continue to our homepage or visit:
Visit the official github page:

Get it from:
The app was tested on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari on iOS and Android.

The new Arduino IDE is now available on GitHub and is ready for use! This project contains all the code and resources necessary to get up and running with your Arduino IDE and follow the tutorials here:
You can access the new IDE at
For more information about the previous version of the IDE, please visit
Arduino Studio is a desktop application for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
This project features a repository in GitHub that contains all the code and resources necessary to create your own Arduino boards using the Arduino Diecimila, Leonardo, or the Arduino Mini.
You can access the new Arduino Studio at

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Get a desktop client for, the open source project documentation viewer that saves you from having to go back and forth between your browser and a desktop client.
Caveats and known issues:
– It’s an unofficial project, so please don’t complain if there are any issues in this app
– It’s in early access, so please be patient
– It’s a command line only app, so it doesn’t support right clicks
– The app may not always remember where you were at the last time you opened a page and need to manually close the app and reopen it to view the same page. There is a workaround in case this happens to you

The local npm registry is a tool for managing versioned node modules, allowing you to fully customize your node environment and start using new npm modules with no issues.
Using the local npm registry, you can:

Deploy modules with different versions

Add/remove local modules in order to create a new npm environment without needing a node installation

Install new modules via git clone or npm link to separate namespaces to differentiate them from the main npm module namespaces

Add modules of a certain version directly on your package.json, so you don’t need to manually look for the latest version on npm.

Use NPM 5.0.*

Node 8.5.*

Known issues

At the time of writing, there are currently 5 known issues. The fix is in progress.


Fetch and install modules with specific version: It’s possible to customize the npm version in which the local registry will fetch and install a module. This can be accessed through the npm command line interface in two different ways:

– If you are creating a new environment:

$ npm create-registry –save-exact [name of your environment]

– If you are changing an existing environment:

$ npm set registry of your environment]

This registry will be automatically saved to your package.json file for future use.

Add/Remove local modules from the local npm registry: It’s possible to remove modules from the local npm registry in order to create a new npm environment. This can be accessed via the CLI:

$ npm remove [name of your environment]

This will remove the specified environment from the local npm registry, allowing you to uninstall that module.

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DevDocs App is an unofficial native app for, a powerful web app designed to provide its visitors with instant access to reference manuals for almost all programming languages, libraries and the internet.
It’s compatible with Mac and Windows and it’s available for download in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.
You can already access the DevDocs App if you have a account and you can gain access to its full functionality by installing its official desktop client, but the aim here is not to cover up the desktop client features, rather to complement them by providing a clean and distraction-free environment where you can quickly and easily access the available manuals, search for them and open them.
Preview DevDocs App features:
– A beautiful and responsive design that allows you to enjoy the interface on all types of devices.
– A built-in feature allowing you to mark all the guides that you want to save for later as favorites.
– A fully functional search box, as well as some search categories, like Libraries, Modes, Templates and Themes.
– Find the list of all the available API documents, by clicking on „Lists“ and then on the „Show Lists“ command.
– Drag your files on the „Create Folder“ command to save them to the Favorites category.
– Personalize the layout of your manuals by dragging and dropping them, one by one, on the different manuals created by yourself and/or other users.
– Favorite the documents that you find to be the most helpful and easy to access.
– A sidebar that displays a list of all the folders that you have created.
– Detailed documentation about all the available commands and options.
– Save all the manuals that you want to access later with a single click.
– Prevent your DevDocs App from collecting any browsing data on your computer, by choosing the „Private Browsing“ option that you can find in the General Preferences menu.
– Prevent your DevDocs App from automatically starting every time you open the application.
– Save all the manuals that you want to access later with a single click.
– Prevent your DevDocs App from collecting any browsing data on your computer, by choosing the „Private Browsing“ option that you can find in the General Preferences menu.
What’s new in version 10.0:
– Add ability to rotate the layout of

What’s New In DevDocs App?

* Works with all the API documentation from and loads it into a single terminal/terminal emulator window
* Automatically loads all the API documents and open them
* Supports a wide variety of API documentation
* Works offline and requires no network access
* Keyboard navigation is supported
* Automatically scales the font based on the display resolution
If you like what you see, please, check out our other projects on the site:

Introducing, Official Chrome Extension + DevDocs + Sublime Text Editor for developers
* It provides reference documents for all the libraries, tools, and platforms.
* It provides the ability to lookup the API documentation for almost all the major programming languages, as well as the APIs from the websites.
* It provides you with the best functionality and best developer experience.
* With the help of Packages Menu, you can add the useful plugins in your sublime text editor.
* With the help of Inspector, you can edit the settings easily in your sublime text.
* With the help of Developer, you can choose and install the best plug-ins.
* The JavaScript documentation is loaded asynchronously.

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System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or newer
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 / AMD Radeon RX 480
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
Additional Requirements:
License: CD key (you can download the key from a website listed in this guide)
Facebook account: If you don’t already have a Facebook accountфильм/xilisoft-mp4-converter-3-1-7-0630-3264bit-2022/