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* Drive List allows you to set icons for all drives, including digital media drives (e.g. CDs, DVDs, USB drives) and removable drives (floppy, network, CD-ROMs, etc.)
* The program allows you to select a drive at the top of the window, and any drive that has that drive selected will have their drive icons changed.
* All drive icons are adjusted by a simple drag-and-drop process. Changes can be made in a matter of seconds.
* The program allows you to set the user-defined icon for a drive. For example, when you create a shortcut to your cd rom, the program allows you to set the icon for the shortcut.
* The program allows you to navigate to different folders in the specified drive.
* The program allows you to navigate to different drives in the specified folder.
* The program can also change the shortcut icon if you already have one in the specified folder.
* The program allows you to navigate to the specified folder via a mapping.
* The program also provides you with more options, such as hidden folders and hidden drives.

What’s New in this version:

Version 1.1.1:

Some bug fixes and minor improvements.


Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7

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Drive Icon With Registration Code Free

— Simple: an easy to use, intuitive application.
— Easy to use: no special privileges are needed.
— Fast: change icons as fast as you can click.
— Reliable: the icon will remain unchanged.
— Safe: the icon will not be changed by any Windows updates.
— Free: it is free.
— Elegant: it looks really good!

What’s New:
1. This version is compatible with Windows XP SP3.
2. The interface has been updated and now shows the drives being customized.
3. The default icons are now stored in the C: drive.
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Drive Icon Crack + Free

– Change all the icons of your drives.
– Restore the icons to the original state.
– Choose the icon you want to assign to the specified drive.
– Fuzzy searching to find all the corresponding icons.
– Store the settings and apply them directly by pressing Apply.
– Support for all the latest versions of Windows (2003, XP, 2000, NT).
– Drive Icon Pro option available when you purchase the full version for $29.95.
– Uploaded all the settings on Mac and Linux directly.
– Fantastic responsiveness to any language.

– Reset: once you’ve changed the icons of the drives, if you’d like to return to the original state, simply press the button. You can do this for all the icons of the drives.
– Multi-language support.
– User friendly and easy to use interface.
– Automatically fixes the most often encountered bugs on the use of the program.
– You don’t need to be an expert on Windows to use this application.
– If you are experiencing issues with the.ico files, you don’t have to worry. Just let the program install them on your PC.

How to use Drive Icon Icon:
Launch your program.
Select the drive where you want to assign a new icon.
Select the icon you want to use (you can use the default icon, the icon of your system or the icon that you want to assign).
Press the Apply button to assign the icon to the drive.

If you’ve used a free version of the program and you find it useful and you don’t want to buy the full version, our gracious developers will provide you the files needed to download the free version.

First iam using Windows 7 not xp or vista. I am having problem with the program that is the icon change, when i first install the program it works fine. Once i try to change it says problem changing the icon and i cant do it.

A:Problem with Change Icon Windows 7

I dont think the program is compatible with Vista/XP

I am trying to make an icon change for the „C$“drive and „D$“drive for a user named PC-User on a PC named PC-Server. I tried to make the same change on a PC named PC-User and it worked without a hitch. I think i have done it correctly but the computer will not allow me to do it from

What’s New in the?

? Correct the default icon for all drives or specify another.
? Select which drive you want to customize.
? Use the buttons at the bottom to assign icons to specific partitions.
? Save and reset icons with the button.
? Generate an icon for all drives from the Windows Start menu.
? Automatically sets volume for all drives and their partitions in the disk meter in Control Panel.
? Navigate to the folder where you want to save the image.
? Specify which icon format the image should be saved as.
? Navigate to the folder where you want to save the image.
? Select which icons you want to include in the image.
? You can use a file selector to select the specific folder where you want to save the image.
? Specify the icon size you want.
? You can use a file selector to select the specific icon you want to resize.
? Select the desired name for the image, if you want to specify one.
? Generate an image for all drives and their partitions.
? Specify the name of the image.
? Navigate to the folder where you want to save the image.
? Specify which icon format the image should be saved as.
? You can use a file selector to select the specific folder where you want to save the image.
? Specify the icon size you want.
? Generate a snapshot from any image.
? Configure security for Windows icon and allow to use it when changing icons of drives.
? Set icon transparency.
? Support information for Windows 7.
? Review the software’s current version.

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System Requirements:

The following graphics cards are compatible with the game:
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ATI Radeon HD 7850 or better
Intel Core i5-3570
OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit
Saving: Yes
Multiplayer: Yes
Framerate: High
Screen resolution: 1280×720
Minimum System Specifications:
This is a system requirements overview based on the minimum hardware requirements: