A computer is now in almost any work and leisure environment. Possibilities when using one are only limited by your imagination, and there are even specialized applications for better management of education systems. For instance, eSchool comes with powerful database management and tracking tools for schools.
Create an account to keep info safe
The first launch recommends you create a new account so that all information stays safe. You can choose to work with a sample database to quickly get accustomed with the set of features, or start from scratch by manually adding all data. Sooner or later you need to fill in all details yourself.
It’s a good idea to first pay a visit to the Settings section in order to fill in the default details of your institutions, such as name and contact details, including a logo. This especially comes in handy if you later on want to print official data, so that everything is in order. These details can be changed at any moment.
Manage students and courses
A main menu provides quick access to all categories of the applications, such as students, majors, staff, timetable, accounting, and reports. Most of your initial work is focused on the first four categories. Don’t worry though, the overall process of adding information is incredibly intuitive, with clear fields to fill in.
Students are displayed in card-like items, showing a summary of info and the profile picture. You can search for a particular student, and apply filters for candidates and admitted. The entire sheet can be printed out, and adding a new student is done by filling in corresponding details, a student ID which is automatically generated, and an optional picture.
As far as the majors category is concerned, it is the place to fill up all course related data. Entire categories can be managed, while a new track requires a valid name, code, study system, number of semesters, cycle, diplomat, as well as minimum and maximum grades.
Add staff details, create a timetable, and generate reports
The staff category is similar to that of students, but it handles teachers instead. They’re managed in a similar mode, but structured in categories. Adding new items and editing are performed in intuitive windows, and just like the editing a student, a staff member page takes you through attendance, schedules, paychecks, and account.
Everything is put together in the timetable section. Here is where you can structure classes and evaluations on the long run. Information can also be organized in groups.
Accounting is where monetary management comes in. It allows you to view school fees, wages, and cash registry. A search field lets you manually look up individuals, but individuals are available in a side panel for selection to view and manage info, such as paychecks and salary.
The reports section is where you get an overview of school fees, paychecks, expenses, incomes, and net. A neat graph is displayed for several time periods, but there’s no export function.
In conclusion
All in all, eSchool is a powerful school management application overall. The fresh interface is sure to make things comfortable right from the start. A variety of categories can be managed, ranging from students and classes, to staff and accounting.







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01. Find students and organizations and fill in the data with ease.
02. Create courses and major data at school like no other.
03. Create personalized accounts for every member of the school.
04. Manage your employees and teachers with ease.
05. Create a database and track all activity in it.
06. Quickly view your data using graphs.
07. Customize your application with colors and layouts.
08. Import, export, export, and load your data.

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ESchool 0.18.307

Welcome to eSchool, a professional school management application, which will bring you best school management solution to help you manage your school efficiently. It has a systematic and easy to use interface and it will help you manage all your school tasks. eSchool is suited for all schools and educational institutions of any size.
◆ School Management: You can create classes, events, examinations, schedules, manage teachers, time table, create invoices.
◆ Student: Manage students, add photos, change grades and much more.
◆ Staff: Add/Edit/Delete/Hide/System Processes.
◆ Accounting: You can view income, paychecks and expenses.
◆ Reports: You can view income, paychecks, expenses, statistics for cash balance and much more.
◆ Forums, Blogs & Social Networking: You can submit your school’s news, edit your school’s forums, create your school’s blogs, manage your school’s social networking.
Manage Students:
• Automatically maintain attendance records for all students, save you a lot of time.
• Automatically maintain registers of students who perform below the minimum grade requirement.
• Automatically maintain registers of students who perform above the required standard.
• Automatically generate report for students and teachers.
• Add new student, edit student profile, modify course and grade.
• Students are presented to all instructors in a card style layout.
• Add new teacher, edit teacher profile, modify skills and qualifications, schedule, modify course and grade.
• Teachers are presented to all students in a card style layout.
• Create timetable and manage operations.
• Can organize and schedule classes and events.
◆ Statistics
• View and print report for grades and students.
◆Create invoices and manage bills.
•Add a pay button to create pay check for teachers.
◆Monitor your school cashflow:
◆Risk alerts
◆Cash register
◆Cash transfer
◆Income and Expense accounts
◆Statistical accounts
◆Financial accounts
◆General Ledger

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What’s New In?

eSchool is a school management application, which has a new interface and sophisticated feature set. It supports various operations on multiple schools, as well as a wide range of personal settings. It has a fresh and intuitive interface, and because of its many features, it’s sure to become a handy tool for education management. eSchool Requirements:* Mac OS X 10.5 or newer.
* Minimum of 750 MB free hard disk space.
* 2 GB RAM.
* An Apple PowerPC Macintosh, Intel x86 compatible CPU, or Linux or Windows PC.
* Broadband Internet connection.
* Apple QuickTime 8 or higher.
* A CD, DVD-ROM, or USB flash drive with 500 MB or more of free hard disk space.
* In addition to the basic requirements, a working e-mail account is required.
* eSchool Training Material

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