Nearly every file on your computer is fitted with a representative icon, either for its exact purpose or a general category. These can be changed, and if you want to change the icon of an executable file and you're looking for a very simple application to do that, Exe Icon Changer may come in very handy.
Change icons of any EXE or DLL file
The application enables you to replace the standard icon of any executable or DLL file with one of your own, providing a very simple and user-friendly application to guide users throughout the whole process.
Basically, every executable file includes an icon of various dimensions, but Exe Icon Changer allows you to change them all with just a few clicks.
It's enough to click on the new icon, pick the one you wish to replace and hit the “Replace” button shaped in the form of an arrow. Doing that for all dimensions should do the job, although it could take a while before completing it.
Quick processing through the context menu entry
The integrated “Options” menu can be used to enable a dedicated tool for making a backup copy of every single processed file and truth is, you really need one because the whole icon changing process may break down the executable file.
In addition, Exe Icon Changer can add Context Menu options for a total of four different formats, namely EXE, DLL, OCX and ICO.
The application acts lightly on system resources, but keep in mind that Windows 7 users need administrator privileges to be able to process executable files.
A few last words
That being said, Exe Icon Changer is indeed a very simple way to change the icon of an EXE file, and a few improvements here and there could make it a top product in this particular software category.


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Exe Icon Changer Full Version For PC

Change icons of any EXE or DLL file.
Tools for changing the icon of EXE files.
Additional options such as a context menu.
Integrated disc space and CPU monitor.
What’s new:
Version 1.2 (2.2.1)
1. A bug reported by a user.
All the necessary requirements are mentioned above, so now you know which application to use if you want to change icon of any EXE file. The only thing that you need to do is to download and run Exe Icon Changer to start making the changes. You’ll see how simple it is to change icons of EXE files. as a small galaxy (a Dwarf LSB galaxy) or a star, but in the latter case the object would be too small to be the progenitor of a galaxy like Andromeda. Better resolution observations (sub-arcsecond) could discriminate between these two possibilities.

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Exe Icon Changer [Mac/Win]

Change any executable or DLL file’s icon with a very simple application

Use the four available context menu formats for an easy context menu entry

System requirements:

Windows 7


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Every executable file includes an icon of various sizes, but we often need to change them into another one. The application „Exe Icon Changer“ enables us to do that with just a few clicks.

Change icons of any executable or DLL file.

Simple and user-friendly interface to replace the standard icons of any executable or DLL file with one of your own.

Integrated Options menu to backup any changed file before changing it.

Four different format options to replace the icon with a unique icon of your choice.You are here

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What’s New In Exe Icon Changer?

A tool to replace the general icon of any EXE or DLL file with one of your own

A simple and user-friendly application

Select the icon for which you wish to change

A process of replacing all icons of various dimensions

A quick backup of the executable file to avoid any further problems

The option to change the icon of an OCX, ICO, EXE and DLL file

Exactly the same as in standard mode

Exe Icon Changer is a program offered under the Windows software category.

Exe Icon Changer has been reviewed by and was found to be fairly useful.

The full review is available at the link below.

Exe Icon Changer Download

Exe Icon Changer Full Specifications

Exe Icon Changer Review by

Exe Icon Changer is the kind of utility that you probably don’t mind adding to your inventory.

Simply put, this is a utility that can instantly change the icon of any EXE or DLL file. The software is very simple, user-friendly and the entire operation is accomplished through a few clicks on the mouse.

Exe Icon Changer is also equipped with a pretty useful backup feature and a dedicated built-in utility that allows you to change the icon of an OCX, ICO, EXE and DLL file.

Exe Icon Changer provides you with a very friendly interface that has been designed specifically for using this utility and dragging and dropping your new icon is a breeze. That being said, everything is very simple and the program’s appearance is very smooth and realistic.

Exe Icon Changer requires Windows users to be logged on as an administrator to replace the icon of an EXE file, although it should be obvious to each and every one of them to accomplish that task.

Exe Icon Changer’s backup utility is offered in a dedicated context menu option and it makes a backup copy of the newly replaced EXE file as well as renames it to the original EXE file name with the same extension.

In addition, the program also creates a configuration XML file that you can either delete it manually or you can leave it there for future use. That being said, Exe Icon Changer does not permanently save any of your data, and since the program is a bit disorganized, it’s up to you to decide to leave

System Requirements For Exe Icon Changer:

Trial Version is available for any Android device (iPad compatible version coming soon).
Trial Version is available for any iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad compatible version coming soon).
Trial Version is available for any Windows Phone device (Windows 10 compatible version coming soon).
Trial Version is available for any Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera compatible version coming soon).
The trial version includes the standard game features and the ability to import your iAmPowers and NPCs in the game.
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