The game’s new “Tackling System” supports a new level of ball control, collisions, and tackling. It aims to create a more immersive experience and more natural style of gameplay.

A new center of gravity option will let players choose a position based on the height of their players or their opponents.

Customizable player attributes, such as choice of language, and the controls can now be switched based on the players’ chosen playing style.

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Key features:

Real-life Player Data:

HyperMotion Technology allows for new and more fluid player animations, simulations, and off-ball movements.

Optimized Player Trajectories:

The new optimized player trajectories bring players’ movement, dribbling, and ball control closer to reality, giving fans even better control and ball movement.

In Depth Tackle:

A new tackling system is powered by a new off-the-ball logic, which provides a more realistic and precise mechanics of tackling. It’s a combination of real world player data, personal characteristics, and situation-based behavior, that creates a new physics-based tackling. A foul is given whenever the opponent touches the ball and the force of the tackle is based on the difficulty of the tackle and the player’s ratings.

Improved AI Team:

The improved AI team system for each player attributes will deliver new movement, tactical decision-making, and player style based on a player’s attributes, as well as the differences between their teammates and opponents.


A goalkeeper can now utilize both feet to control the ball. They react more quickly to shots and they have new and improved saves.

Additional New Features:

Completely redesigned HUD: The redesigned HUD with its black, white, green, and other new colors makes it easier to see all the information at the same time.

FIFA 13 Play Results: Players will now be able to see how they did on Career Mode and on the Ultimate Team.

Improved Pass Visuals: Passes and shots are now shown in more detail to give a better indication of the accuracy and strength of the pass.

Visual Effects: New shadows, lighting and reflections make stadiums and players more realistic.

Additional Technical Details:



Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 Pro Evolution Soccer, introduced “HyperMotion Technology”. A groundbreaking technology that uses real-life data collected from 22 actual players playing a complete high-intensity football match in motion-capture suits. It also introduces “Cool Moves”, with all-new player animations that show the instant and more noticeable impact players can have in a game.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team – Take a deeper dive into the world’s most popular team game.
  • New Gameplay Vision- this unique new game engine offers faster, responsive and more authentic on-the-pitch gameplay. Quicker, more control and intelligent crowd interactions bring the intensity of football to life on a multi-dimensional scale that sees football come to life.
  • Pro Clubs. FIFA 22 releases worldwide with a completely fresh Club license system that includes a Premier League licence that takes the game closer to the real word and allows you to create the next Liverpool, Paris St. Germain, Chelsea or Manchester City.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team. Developed by our experienced team of franchise professionals, FIFA Ultimate Team unlocks hundreds of new and never before seen players, kits and signings, along with the latest managerial and squad building features. The comprehensive rewards system including team coins, and Player Packs ensure that FIFA Ultimate Team never gets stale.

FIFA Ultimate Team.

  • Create your squad using the biggest name players from around the world.
  • Collect coins via gameplay and events and complete a feature-packed journey through over 600 players.
  • Earn free packs and bundles, which you can use on your squad.
  • Build the ultimate team from a huge player pool, including the opportunity to collect legendary free agents from around the world.
  • Earn exclusive coins, FIFA Ultimate Team legends and players every day.
  • New manager and squad building features.
  • Use of FIFA Pro Clubs license.


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Become a football superstar in FIFA, the world’s #1 console football simulation and the most authentic football game around. Compete against the world’s best in Career mode or build your own dream team and challenge them in a string of official competitions. Join the most passionate fans in the world in the Ultimate Team mode with its own dedicated ecosystem, or compete for the ultimate bragging rights with The Journey.

Key Features

The World’s #1 Console Football Simulation

Take to the pitch in FIFA and experience the artistry of football like never before. Blast past defenders with a feint, thread needles with a pass and finish with a shot to find the net.

Combine beautiful visuals and intuitive, non-intrusive gameplay to become the best football player in the world.

Ultimate Team

Build your dream team from the best international players in the world and compete in official competitions. From the adidas Originals to the millions-selling, FIFA licensed kits, the Football equipment featured in Fifa 22 Crack For Windows is as authentic as it gets.

You are the manager. In Ultimate Team, you build, trade, and coach your squad. Sign, sell, and activate players. Then, manage their performances, formations, and chemistry to win matches in new ways.

Crew up with friends to form the ultimate football dynasty.

The Journey

The Journey is a single-player story-driven experience where you’ll win rewards along the way as you build your dream team.

Compete in a single-season career with new players and make new friends. Training, competitions, and road trips bring a new meaning to the word journey.

Career Mode

Career Mode is the heartbeat of FIFA, with improved dribble control and saves, smarter AI, and a deeper stadium experience

Manage your entire career, from the National Team to the International stage, becoming one of the world’s greatest football players. Compete against official opponents like REAL Madrid, Barcelona, Inter, and Juventus to prove your own greatness. Or sign with one of the top leagues in the world, including the English Premier League, La Liga, and the Bundesliga.

Compete in official competitions, including the FIFA Club World Cup, and the newly-released FIFA World Cup Japan™ 2018™.

The New Gamemode: Breakout

Breakout takes place on a single pitch, and you are given the opportunity


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Create and customize the ultimate team from over 35 national teams, and take on the world with both exhibition and online modes. Featuring the most comprehensive set of cards ever, including signature kits, all-new player faces, and new gameplay innovations, FIFA Ultimate Team will provide the most authentic football experience to date.

Heroes – All of FIFA’s most memorable, fan-favorite players return for FIFA 22. Meet new legends, including Chile’s Alexis Sanchez, France’s Paul Pogba, and England’s Theo Walcott, or take them head to head in an online tournament.

Training – “Training” is a new, highly customizable and comprehensive way of improving your player’s skills in FIFA 22. You can now use Skill Shots in Practice mode to increase your players agility and shooting, while Power Shots can improve your players physical traits. Getting the most out of these new features takes a bit of practice, but they are an excellent way to take your skills to the next level.

A new skill point card system will reward you for practicing, using Smart Training to provide you with optimal feedback on your training. Each card offers a wide range of benefits to help you improve your overall ability, and you will earn skill points by completing training sessions, and spend those skill points on improving your player’s performance and influencing the game.

Play against your friends in a FIFA 22 shared experience. Sign up for free with your friends on the website and join one of four side-by-side teams. Team up with your friends and other players from around the world in a shared experience. FIFA Ultimate Team with friends can set up a game, and then invite friends to join in. Don’t have friends to play with? Join a team and have fun with other users. And all of this will be free and available to you and your friends even after FIFA 22 launches.

A new type of event where you and your friends compete against your friends, in a virtual friendly-style match. Challenge your friends with three different virtual challenges: QuickFire Mode, Team Online Mode, and in-match QuickFire Mode, with prizes and rewards for the winners.

Player Ratings (including a new FUT Points system) – FIFA 22 has a new Player Ratings system. It allows you to rate your players and your opponents according to different criteria. You can get bonuses for your players


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Show-off your skills and take on your friends in 5 new Career Mode Events, including big-money games against the best – like the original Monopoly Football Kit Final. Choose from any of your favourite players to score and win a special trophy.
  • New online friendlies against real-life opposition. Choose from over 160 newly-created clubs and over 15,000 licensed players.
  • Career are now 6 times longer than ever before, with more to come in future. Take control of the next generation of Ultimate Footballers in your Pro’s journey throughout the game.
  • New FIFA 22 kits for the first time since the introduction of 3D apparel in FIFA 17.
  • Real-life Player Creator – A new feature that lets you customise your squad in a number of new ways, including teaming up your best trios, adjusting your personal skills like strength and speed to the kit a team has, or even sharing your customisations with friends to build your own dream team, all in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Physics-based ball control system.
  • One of the biggest FIFA gameplay updates ever, taking the ball, setting up attacking moves, and controlling the game tempo to new levels.
  • Dynamic Player Selection Screen, which enables greater player choice on the pitch while demonstrating the character and skill of your new squad.
  • New Ultimate Team seasonal Premier League improvements.
  • Re-designed Commentary, with improved positional, tactical, and strategic commentary, and unique contextual commentary for key passes, tackles, and more.
  • Ventilation adds movement to the ball at ground level, and pitching to make the ball move as you run
  • Easier rookie players will be more effective as well.
  • Easier passes will lead to more scoring.
  • Limited Edition cover.


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That is all you really need to know. It’s a football game.

To understand FIFA, however, you need to understand football. But that might take another video, so until then, here are some facts:

– If you pick a team in FIFA, they always play in their home stadium, but they can also be in other stadiums depending on the home stadiums for their opponents

– Weather – The weather in the game changes depending on location and time of day, but you never see rain or snow, only rainclouds and thunderstorms, which always happen during the winter

– Seasons – The game takes place over the course of one season from September to May, with a break for international matches

– Clubs – Each club in the game has a fanbase as well as players and staff, and these all revolve around a leader who can modify a club, coach, or manager. You start off as a young footballer and rise through the ranks to become a professional

That’s what I think FIFA is like, anyway.

There’s a lot more to FIFA. But for now, I’ll leave you with this video (because it’s the most important thing in the game) and a big thanks for watching!

Here’s a video that dives deeper into some of the features and mechanics of FIFA, including the handling model, the new ball shape, and more.

So, should you buy FIFA?

Yup. I already owned FIFA and FIFA Pro Clubs and FIFA is leaps and bounds superior and an amazing value for the game you’re getting. I’ve written reviews for FIFA Pro Clubs and FIFA, so if you want a review of FIFA, you can check them out and see what I had to say.

Get FIFA on Xbox One for €24.99/£19.99!

There are a few different ways to get FIFA on the Xbox One. You can get a copy for €24.99/£19.99 in Europe or $24.99/£19.99 in the US, or you can get the game for $59.99/£49.99 if you buy a game plus and copy of FIFA Soccer 2016 for an additional $19.99/£14.99.

You can also get the game on Xbox 360 for €29.99/£24


How To Crack Fifa 22:

  • Install setup
    • Double click the file to extract it
  • Click browse
    • Go to the game folder
    • Run setup.exe
  • Click Next
    • Click Agree
  • Select language, time and region you want to play
    • Click Finish
  • Select:
    • Difficulty level
      • Checking Timings
    • Number of players
      • Server window
  • Click Play


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit)
CPU: Dual Core 2 GHz, Quad Core 2.2 GHz
Screen: 1024×768 minimum
Video Card: 3D Acceleration hardware required
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
Other: Internet connection is required to activate
OS: Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 8