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Some downloads will get you a GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora installer. We recommend you to choose the version that comes with the operating system that you are using. Here are the latest versions:

Users operating systems:

Windows 7/8/10: 86.07 MB (Intel x86)

Windows XP: 67.35 MB (Intel x86)

Windows Vista: 68.41 MB (Intel x86)

Windows Server 2003/2008: 67.36 MB (Intel x86)

Linux: 64.15 MB (x86)

Note: If you get an error message when installing GfrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora, read the comments at the bottom of this page.

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GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora – Download Screenshots

GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora – Click on images to enlarge

GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora – Click on images to enlarge

GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora – Click on images to enlarge

GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora – Click on images to enlarge

GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora – Click on images to enlarge

GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora – Click on images to enlarge

GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora – Click on images to enlarge

GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora – Click on images to enlarge

GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora – Click on images to

GFrontEnd For Ffmpeg2theora Crack Free [Win/Mac]

1. Set up the conversion parameters.
2. Start the application.
3. Select a folder with the converted files.
4. Select the output folder for the files.
5. Convert the videos using the built-in batch processing function.
6. Check the conversion progress.
7. Sorting and deleting the files.


Manually, if you do not want to use software, are the following steps:

Create a folder, on the device where you want to save your files, to be able to „pause“ your task
Download the ffmpeg2theora converter (it’s free)
Open the command terminal on your device
Navigate to the folder where you want the files to be
Run the command:
for filename in *.mp4; do ffmpeg2theora –vprofile main -i „$filename“ -bsf:a aac_adtstoac -tstrict -preset ultrafast „${filename%.*}.ogg“ &

Note that you have to change the output folder name.
That’s all. If the process is running it should finish in a few seconds.


This is a more commonly used solution:
Use srt2theora and tools
If you want to use extra options in the theora encoder, and have a firefox plugin, or a tag editor (I have seen that too), you can use this.
Here is an example using a Firefox plugin:

you start the program and press „Add files“
select the local folder of your videos
add them and check the radio button for „Exclude already converted files“.

for the ffmpeg2theora part just select the video file, run the „program“, change the output folder, and press „start“

In this example I used ffmpeg, to convert the videos in the srt file format (where you have only subtitles). I could use it too, with srt2theora.

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GFrontEnd For Ffmpeg2theora Crack + Torrent Download [Mac/Win]

GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora is a universal conversion tool for the OGG Theora video format. This program is a GUI for ffmpeg2theora, a command-line application for converting video formats to the OGG Theora format. With GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora, you can convert video files without using the command-line console, as it has a graphical user interface.
Whether you are looking for an easy to use, fast and versatile conversion tool, or even a solution for the best quality videos, you can get it here. Why worry about the terminal commands, when you can just use this software?
GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora can convert any type of video file to the OGG Theora format. You can also preview videos before conversion. Moreover, it allows you to select a video folder to work with, and set the video quality, bitrate, ratio and so on.
The whole conversion process can be accelerated in many ways, as you can add multiple files at the same time, and play them directly in the final video.
The converter supports batch conversion, and allows you to set resolution and framerate. Moreover, it adjusts sharpness, contrast, brightness, gamma and saturation to provide better quality video. Furthermore, you can define output file name with the help of GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora, and even change the extension to the OGG format, if needed. Also, it offers you a notification box, informing you where the video files have been saved.
GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora provides an estimate for finishing the conversion job, and also displays a notification box about the progress of the work.
With GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora, you can take advantage of customizable presets, as you can define the video and audio quality, bitrate and so on. Then, you may adjust the image and audio settings, and even select the output mode.
GFrontEnd for ffmpeg2theora Pros:
– Very easy to use interface
– Allows to preview videos before conversion
– Batch conversion
– Can handle many files simultaneously
– User-friendly interface
– Compatible with any type of video file
– Provides an estimate on video conversion
– Customizable presets
– Advanced audio and video settings
– Supports OGG Theora format
– No need for command-line console
– High speed and quality
– After conversion, you can preview videos

What’s New In?

GFrontEnd is a software program designed to be the Graphical User Interface for ffmpeg2theora, the program that is able to convert video files to the OGG Theora format.Unfortunately, the program can only be run using the command-line console, and this is why GFrontEnd comes in handy for all users who need to convert their videos easily and efficiently.
It sports a clean interface, and you should be able to master this program in no time. Unfortunately, you cannot drag and drop the files directly into the main window, so you should add them by using the built-in browse function.
It supports batch processing, which means you can add multiple videos to the list, and convert them simultaneously. Once you have added the files to the list, you cannot delete each item individually, so you are only allowed to clear the entire list.
There are several configuration settings to tinker with, as you can select the video quality, bitrate and ratio. Moreover, you may opt for image correction, and it’s possible to adjust the level of contrast, brightness, gamma and saturation.
More experienced users may fiddle with some advanced settings, as they can select the framerate and keyframe interval, and adjust the level of sharpness. The output file extension is OMG, but it also offers support for the OGG file format, so you can open the audio files in an audio player.
It offers time estimation for completing the job, and it displays a notification message informing you where the converted files have been saved. The application also provides three preset modes for the conversion process, each of them offering different video and audio quality, and size.
To sum things up, GFrontEnd proves to be quite helpful for all users who have experienced difficulties in running the ffmpeg2theora command-line console. Since it serves as the interface for the converter tool, it definitely simplifies the entire process of converting videos to the OGG Theora format.
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System Requirements For GFrontEnd For Ffmpeg2theora:

– Hardware:
OS: Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 / 7 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 (2.5 GHz or equivalent), AMD Athlon XP (2.6 GHz or equivalent), 2GB of RAM, 400MB of available hard disk space
– System requirements:
Processor: Intel Core i3 (2.5 GHz or equivalent), AMD Athlon XP (2.6 GHz or equivalent), 2GB