If your work revolves solely around your computer, you probably considered tweaking some of your workspace components in order to enhance overall accessibility.
In the situation described above, using third-party software solutions, such as Glassbrick, might be the best course of action.
No setup needed
Since it is a portable application, you do not need to install it on your computer, as simply launching the corresponding executable (according to your system's architecture) grants you full access to its controls.
More so, it does not generate any additional files or folders on your computer, nor does it tamper with any of your Windows registry entries. Its portability makes it possible to run it from removable media such as USB flash drives or external HDDs as well.
Magnify your screen
You can turn to Glassbrick if you need a quick, effortless way to magnify your screen since it provides you with highly intuitive functions. In order to use the aforementioned function, you need to enable it from the corresponding category beforehand. After doing so, you can choose a key combination and begin using the zoom function. By default, holding the Ctrl key scrolling the mouse wheel zooms in or out the screen.
However, aside from using the mouse, you can also enable keyboard controls, so that you can magnify your screen without removing your hands from the keyboard. More so, it is possible to disable the zoom after a given number of seconds.
Change color modes and emulate mouse movement
Aside from letting you use zooming functions for your screen, Glassbrick also offers you additional features that let you change the color mode or emulate mouse movement, in case your device is malfunctioning.
Among the supported color schemes, you can find Invert, Saturate, Tint or Contrast. Each of the schemes mentioned above can be slightly customized by adjusting the values in the corresponding fields.
Emulating mouse movement can be done by choosing a preferred keyboard profile. Depending on your choice, the mouse pointer can be controlled with either the W, A, S and D keys or the directional arrow ones.
Reliable screen magnifier with handy additional functions
All things considered, Glassbrick is an application that can help you magnify your screen without efforts while also letting you change the color mode or emulate mouse movement. It is portable, comes with a user-friendly interface and encompasses several intuitive functions, making it both accessible and efficient, thus a valuable asset.


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You probably need to develop some apps for both Android and iOS and as these operating systems have similar features and functionalities, it may seem like a simple task to create those apps. However, due to differences in programming languages, it may not always be so. Instead, you may face some problems that seem hard to tackle.
Mobile App Development
Mobile apps can be used to do a variety of things. Some of these can be social and recreational, such as playing games or watching videos online. Other activities may be more professional or business oriented, such as creating diary apps or tracking employee attendance.
Android vs iOS
Apart from the language differences, Android and iOS have some differences in terms of their functionality. For instance, Android lacks widgets and notifications, since most of these features are iOS exclusive.
Designers also have a lot of freedom when it comes to designing apps on iOS, but have to stick to the rules on the Android. This can make things a little difficult for developers.
Both Android and iOS come with several tools that can be used to integrate an app with the operating systems. They can use native tools or web services, such as REST-based APIs.
With native integration, developers can use key features such as cameras and sensors, but the developer has to write code for a unique app for each of the Android or iOS.
With REST-based integration, apps can integrate with their respective operating systems without any kind of specific coding.
Security and data usage
Security is also an important aspect of mobile apps. With iOS, apps can only access data that has been explicitly shared with them by the owner of the app. This is in contrast with Android, where apps can access just about all the data that is being used by the operating system itself.
iOS apps are also limited when it comes to the data usage. They can only use data for a specific time and cannot read more than 100kB per day, per app.
Android apps, on the other hand, can read and write as much data as they want, as long as the user of the app grants the permissions.

A good web design generally serves two main purposes. Either to make your website accessible or to promote your services or products. But most times, you need to combine the two concepts to fully actualize your website’s goals and objectives. Your website will only be perceived as effective and informative, if it is accessible and attractive.
To ensure that, it is

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If you are facing difficulties in making certain tasks done quickly and easily, particularly while using your computer, then your best solution might be to rely on an accessible screen magnifier. At the same time, you can opt for a portable application that allows you to magnify your screen from anywhere.
Glassbrick, by VSI Software Inc. and published in the category Software, weighs in at just 14.31 Mb and is available for a one-time payment of $9.95.


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Epic Games Launcher
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What’s New in the?

Glassbrick is an application that allows you to magnify your screen in order to clearly read text, spreadsheet or even computer data in a more convenient manner. It provides you with an easy and intuitive way to magnify your desktop, much like zooming into an image.

Once again, Lexxi has delivered a solid part, more importantly, the title in this case takes on the theme of the Stash Buster. With the overall theme being nostalgia and the name being based on the infamous Ma Stash, you can anticipate a part that most people will love.
Now that we have the concept out of the way, let’s go over what’s included in this bundle.
Overview Of Contents:
Lexxi 4: Stash Buster – PS3 Game Downloadable For PSP, PS Vita And PS3 [v1.0.0.1]
LeXXi is back with another fan-favorite bundle that will be instantly recognizable to any of you who have been customers of LeXXi. Each and every month, we deliver another awesome bundle that includes some of the best games from LeXXi and our partners.
In this month’s LeXXi bundle, we have decided to combine the nostalgia of The Stash Buster that took us all by storm back in September of last year with two of LeXXi’s partners in crime; PSP and PS Vita to offer you a no-brainer deal.
In addition to this, we have decided to add another exclusive content to the bundle, with a theme similar to the release LeXXi 7: As rumored, we have decided to add another exclusive content to the deal. This exclusive item, which will be a game that will not be offered in any other LeXXi bundle in any other form whatsoever, is an additional PS3 Downloadable Game. The content itself is a derivative work of a classic game, Mystery House 4. Originally a maze solving game for the PC, LeXXi brought this title to the PS3 Downloadable Game market, along with Mystery House 3 and Mystery House 2. This title was one of the first titles to deliver the Dreamcast to the PS3 Downloadable Game market, and had incredible graphics for the time. To see a comparison of graphics between this game and the PS3 standard Downloadable Game remake, follow this link. If you have never played the original game, check out the link to an article posted at the bottom of this description.
Contrary to

System Requirements:

OS: Windows® 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Dual Core 2GHz or faster
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: At least 1GB VRAM
DirectX 9.0c compatible Video Card:
Multi-core Support: Yes
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Hard Drive: 4GB available space
Additional Notes:
Requires the Skyfall soundtrack to play.BMW M6 Evolution is their most