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Green Point Launcher is an alternative to the Metro Windows 8.1 operating system. The launcher can be used to organize a range of shortcuts and folders into groups that can be accessed using the tab system.

Display the Groups Menu
The menu shows up when you click on the arrow button to the right of the search field. From here you can view all the group you have created, and manage them all. The groups are displayed in the same tab-based manner that is used by the Windows Start screen.
The tab-based navigation offers a more user-friendly interface than the existing search menu. The search field is hidden in the task bar, making it easier to browse groups.

Flexible group management
As mentioned, each group can have an unlimited number of slots. This is useful if you want to organize your applications into separate groups. So you can have a group for games, one for productivity, one for videos and pictures, and one for music.
.NET Framework Required:
The application requires a functional.NET Framework. The minimum version of the framework is 1.1. You can download it at
Green Point Launcher – Create Custom Groups
You can create groups with as many slots as you want, the application will take care of that for you. It allows you to add a shortcut and shortcut to a group, by simply dragging it over the group header. You can also move the header and the shortcuts to a new location.Q:

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Green Point Launcher 2.0.4 Incl Product Key Free

Green Point Launcher is a useful alternative to the standard system menu of Windows. The program allows you to create groups for shortcuts, which are only shown on a smaller workspace. What’s more, you can organize the shortcuts, change the appearance of each group, or move individual shortcuts.# reflect2

[![Build Status](

reflect api that avoids runtime reflect.Value cost

* reflect get/set interface{}, with type checking
* reflect get/set unsafe.Pointer, without type checking
* `reflect2.TypeByName` works like `Class.forName` found in java

[json-iterator]( use this package to save runtime dispatching cost.
This package is designed for low level libraries to optimize reflection performance.
General application should still use reflect standard library.

# reflect2.TypeByName

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What’s New in the Green Point Launcher?

*** Green Point Launcher is an easy to use desktop manager to create organized groups of shortcut. Create multiple groups with unlimited slots and change colors, fonts, and texts for groups.
Key features:
* Create unlimited groups
* Create and manage multiple groups
* Create and manage groups with unlimited slots
* Manage the size of the window by changing the color
* Create, add, remove, and change the size of the groups.
* Customize the color, font, and text of each group.
* Apply customizable system rules.
* Use group of icons to quickly switch between applications.
* Supports Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.
* Accessibility mode for visually impaired people.
* Uses less resources (doesn't use/display the Start menu).
* Can add shortcut to your main desktop icon and Start menu.
* Remove unwanted shortcut from your desktop.
* Supports 64-bit operating systems.
* Can quickly access the home screen and desktop with just one mouse click.
* Supports multiple languages.
* Supports quick screen rotation.
* Drag and drop functionality for quick and easy replacement of shortcuts.
* Drag and drop functionality for quick and easy replacement of groups.
* Drag and drop functionality for quick and easy replacement of header.
* Drag and drop functionality for quick and easy replacement of text.
* Drag and drop functionality for quick and easy replacement of group.
* Drag and drop functionality for quick and easy replacement of slot.




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3 out of 5


3 out of 5

Value for Money

1 out of 5


I’m more likely to use a site for help

I’m not a fan of Greenpoint Launcher. The font is tiny and it has the look of a program made for a child. I’m more likely to use a site for help like Google, or Microsoft, but this program is no help. I also don’t understand why some of the shortcuts that I created would disappear when I was going to click on them. When I try to create more than 10 shortcut groups it crashes.



Worth the Money


Good Icons

I like the desktop manager I use it on the one desktop. Its called Cube and it comes from
But this software is ok it have good icons and you can organize them like you can do with Cube.



Love it or hate it


System Requirements:

• Microsoft Windows® 7/Vista/XP/2000/98/ME/95
• 1 GHz CPU
• 512 MB RAM
• 120 MB HD space
• 6.8 MB of free hard disk space
• 23 MB of free disk space
• Playable using VGA or VGA monitor
• CD-ROM drive and sound card
• USB mouse, compatible with Windows XP and above
• 600 x 800 screen resolution
• Full-duplex sound cardQ:
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