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The trailer park boys return! Greasy Money – Bubbles‘ Kitty Pack is here to bring you incredible discounts and Bonuses! So, if you want to get the most out of Greasy Money – Bubbles‘ Kitty Pack, you can do it 3 ways! 1. Buy All the Content The Greasy Money – Bubbles’ Kitty Pack includes 6 Trunks, 30 Business Cards, 30 Character Cards, and 30 Gary Laser-Eyes. It also includes 2000 Liquor. 2. Play For Free Get 5 wishes or play between 1 – 7 days for free using the wish game. 3. Level Up Each wish adds a level to Gary Laser Eyes. The 6 Trunks can be leveled up to 3 times. The Businesses can be leveled up to 4 times. 4. Claim The Greasy Money Rewards Like our previous rewards, you’ll receive 5 wishes or play for a certain period of time for free. Then, you have to complete the tasks to earn in-game content such as bags, stickers, and more. Levels: 1. Level 1: Starts with 0 wishes or play for 1 days. 2. Level 2: Starts with 10 wishes or play for 1 days. 3. Level 3: Starts with 30 wishes or play for 1 days. 4. Level 4: Starts with 60 wishes or play for 1 days. 5. Level 5: Starts with 100 wishes or play for 2 days. 6. Level 6: Starts with 120 wishes or play for 2 days. 7. Level 7: Starts with 150 wishes or play for 3 days. 8. Level 8: Starts with 200 wishes or play for 4 days. 9. Level 9: Starts with 300 wishes or play for 5 days. 10. Level 10: Starts with 500 wishes or play for 7 days. 11. Level 11: Starts with 1000 wishes or play for 10 days. 12. Level 12: Starts with 1500 wishes or play for 15 days. 13. Level 13: Starts with 2000 wishes or play for 21 days. 14. Level 14: Starts with 3000 wishes or play for 28 days. 15. Level 15: Starts with 4000 wishes or play for 35 days. 16. Level 16: Starts with 6000 wishes or play for 42 days. 17. Level 17: Starts with 8000 wishes or play for 49 days. 18. Level 18: Starts with 10000 wishes or play for 56


HAMMY Features Key:

  • Simple 8 field football game.
  • Advanced AI.
  • Beautiful female Player Simulation
  • Over 30 human player teams and 2 select teams for Practice
  • Soft Parallax Background
  • 21 Natural Field Referee Ticks
  • No Second Touch
  • Distance Manual
  • Time Manual
  • In Training Mode you have 2 minutes to build your team
  • Use 3 modes
  • Play 1v1 or 2 players.
  • Advanced High Resolution Graphics
  • Also available on Android


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