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Bash function that takes parameter as array

I am looking for a function that would take parameter as an array. Something like this:
function doSomething(array_param)

I want to use the doSomething() function like:
$ the_array=(„element1“ „element2“ „element3“)


After that the output should be:


Say you want to run a command with the arguments $1, $2, etc., then you can use the -c option:
doSomething() {
: „$@“

the_array=(„element1“ „element2“ „element3“)

doSomething „$@“


This can be generalized by passing the array as a positional parameter instead of using the $@ syntax:
doSomething() {
: „${1[@]}“

the_array=(„element1“ „element2“ „element3“)

doSomething „$@“



$the_array=(„element1“ „element2“ „element3“)
doSomething „$the_array“


if (is_array($data)) {
$data = $this->filterArray($data);
} elseif (is_scalar($data)) {
if ($data!== null) {
$data = (string) $data;
} elseif (is_array($data) && array_key_exists(‚data‘, $data)) {
if (is_array($data[‚data‘])) {
$data = $this->filterArray($data);

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· MAX MESSAGES To Receive: The maximum number of messages to receive.
· MAX MESSAGES To Save: The maximum number of messages to save.
· CODE_MESSAGE: Data from a file format for encoding messages.
· MAX_MESSAGES_RECORD: The maximum number of messages to be saved.
· DELAY: The delay between two messages.
· DELAY_PER_RECORD: The delay between two messages saved in the same record.
· TIMER_PER_MESSAGE: The timer for each message.
· TIMER_PER_RECORD: The timer for a record of messages.
· TIME_START: The start time of the alarm.
· TIME_STOP: The stop time of the alarm.
· TIME_ACCURACY: The allowed time difference between alarm and the real time.
· WAITING: The maximum time for waiting for a message.
· ALARM_ACTIVE: The alarm status (pending, active).
· MESSAGE_SIZE: The size of a message.
· MESSAGE_COUNT: The total number of messages.
· MESSAGE_RATE: The average number of messages per second.
· MESSAGE_COUNT_CUMULATIVE: The number of messages since the last time.
· MESSAGE_RATE_CUMULATIVE: The average number of messages per second since the last time.
· COUNTRY_CODE: The country code.
· COUNTRY_NAME: The country name.
· CONTINENT_CODE: The continent code.
· CONTINENT_NAME: The continent name.
· CITY_CODE: The city code.
· CITY_NAME: The city name.
· ZIP_CODE: The zip code.
· ZIP_NAME: The zip name.
· CITY_ID_CODE: The city ID code.
· CITY_ID_NAME: The city ID name.
· COUNTRY_ID_CODE: The country ID code.
· COUNTRY_ID_NAME: The country ID name.
· CONTINENT_ID_CODE: The continent ID code.
· CONTINENT_ID_NAME: The continent ID name.
· CITY_ID_ID_CODE: The city ID ID code.

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The IP block (IP), country code (CC), country name (CN), continent code (CC) & continent name (CN) are the metadata
provided by the user to know the exact location of the visitors.
At the present moment, IP location works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems.


The best solution I’ve found is GeoIP-lite by MaxMind:

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arising under this Agreement shall be filed prior to the expiration of the ninety (90) day

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Either party may terminate this Agreement with five (5) days prior written notice to

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This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties and supercedes

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What’s New in the IPligence Lite?

IPligence Lite

IPligence Lite – IP Block
This feature lets you identify the IP address of every visitor to your website. Just copy the IP and paste it in the field provided to you in the admin panel. Be sure to validate the IP number first.

IPligence Lite – Country Code
This feature lets you identify the country code of every visitor to your website. It is important to ensure that you have the correct country code and country name. Be sure to validate the country code first and then the country name.

IPligence Lite – Country Name
This feature lets you identify the country name of every visitor to your website. Be sure to validate the country name first and then the country code.

IPligence Lite – Continent Code
This feature lets you identify the continent code of every visitor to your website. Be sure to validate the continent code first and then the country code.

IPligence Lite – Continent Name
This feature lets you identify the continent name of every visitor to your website. Be sure to validate the continent name first and then the country code.

IPligence Lite IP Statistics
You can see who visited your website, when they visited, and what page they viewed. You can also see what they looked at and what they clicked. Admin will provide detailed reports of this. Reports will be delivered by email and text. You can choose email frequency. You can choose to be contacted by an email from you (the website owner).

IPligence Lite – Restriction for high risk countries
Use the countries list to restrict IP addresses of visitors who have been visiting from high risk countries. Be sure to have the correct list of countries to protect your visitors.

IPligence Lite – Audience Analysis Statistics
IPligence Lite lets you build a demographic and geographical profile of your users. The audience analysis statistics will be delivered to you on a weekly basis. You can select what days of the week you want the reports to be delivered. You can see the number of visitors that visit your website in a daily, weekly, monthly or annual manner.

IPligence Lite – Credit Card Auto-Filling
In addition to reading the credit card number out loud to the visitor, IPligence Lite also auto-fills the credit card numbers for each visitor. Your credit card will not be charged until a visitor has made a purchase. The auto-fill will be accomplished in real time and can be automatically changed in real time to suit your own credit card information. Any changes to the credit card information will be instantly reflected in real time. The credit card information will never be stored on our servers or at our end.

IPligence Lite – Auto-Form Filling
With IPl

System Requirements:

When you click the Steam Link Installer, you will see the following message:
Minimum System Requirements:
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