Not to mention, it is entirely compatible with all Chrome extensions.
If you’re looking for a comparison to both the native downloads interface and how Downloads Plus is going to work, you may check out its own page, and revel in what the toot yourself.
Download Plus
⚠ WARNING: Horribly outdated
Is a completely new Chrome Download Manager that makes Chrome much more user-friendly and efficient when dealing with downloads. The app can perform multiple cde4edac5b

Windows System Scanner is a Java application that displays configuration information about your PC in a treeview format. If the table shows details like: CPU / RAM / Video / Sound card, then Windows System Scanner can easily locate the necessary configuration item.

Warning: Operating systems are changing and developed software products are not always compatible with previous versions.
We understand that if you like you should only use Windows System Scanner on Windows XP, Windows 7 or newer.

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