MapWindow GIS is an open source GIS application that comes with support for data analysis, manipulation, and view options for geospatial data. You can use the utility as a mapping program, GIS modelling system and GIS programming interface (API) all bundled into a single layout.
User interface
The tool comes with a comprehensive set of features but the layout doesn’t look crowded at all. It is actually clean and you can explore the maps by zooming in or out.
In case you get lost configuring the dedicated parameters, you can check out the help manual which provides extensive information about the program’s capabilities.
MapWindow GIS lets you make use of projects for storing data which can be saved to your computer and imported for future editing options. The program offers support for plugins which can be installed for enhancing its functionality
Importing/exporting options
You can import data from various file formats, such as ASC, BIL, DHM, IMG, FLT, TIF, AUX, PIX, BMP, GIF, MAP, JPG, SID, PNG or other ones. When it comes to exporting options, you can save maps to BMP, GIF, PNG, EMF or JPG file format and print data.
Layer management
MapWindow GIS integrates handy features for helping you work with layers by importing information from SHP, ASC, IMG, BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, WMF, ECW or other file format, and removing a layer or clearing all of them.
Bookmark manager, shapefiles and geoprocessing tools
The built-in bookmark manager enables you to keep track of your bookmarked views, as well as import/export info from/to XML/CSV file format.
You can view the attributes of shapes in the target layer, use the “Measure” tool for displaying the perimeter and area of shapes selected from the target layer, add labels, save the symbology to a file, activate the attribute table for viewing and defining shapes, as well as create and edit shapefiles with the aid of a plugin called “Shapefile Editor.”
The program comes with a handy set of geoprocessing utilities for helping you activate several raster operations (including clip by polygon, merge grids and reclassify), work with various projection functions, calculate polygon areas, dissolve shapes by attribute, and carry out clipping operations (using shapefile or polygon mask) and vector overlays (including intersection and union).
Bottom line
All in all, MapWindow GIS proves to be a reliable spatial data viewer that can be enhanced and modified with the aid of various plugins.







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MapWindow GIS is a powerful and versatile GIS application which comes with various functionality including raster and vector graphics editing, geoprocessing, GIS mapping, dynamic drawing, data analyses, geographical information system modelling and GIS programming interface.
The program enables users to work with data by creating a folder with data files, adding metadata to files and hiding or unhiding them from the viewer.
Since the program is compatible with various file formats, it is able to import information from shapefile, geodatabase, asc, dhm, img, flt, tif, aaux, pix, bmp, gif, jpeg, png, ps, as well as xml, csv, and pptx files.
You can work with datasets created by ArcMap, ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcEditor. The program comes with several drawing tools for including “vector”, “rectangle”, “line”, “circle”, “polygon”, “arc”, “bookmark” and “clip” features.
When it comes to defining maps with the aid of tools, you can choose among the grids, background and watercolor themes, shapefile editor and advanced map layout tools.
The program also includes a function for managing layers by importing/exporting files of various formats. You can save various maps to BMP, GIF, PNG, EMF and JPG file formats.
You can also print data using a dedicated plugin or export to csv or dxf files.
The program comes with convenient functions for keeping track of bookmarks, importing data from shapefiles, and working with raster and vector graphics tools.
You can also use the program for the full range of GIS functions including various spatial data analysis, geoprocessing and GIS modelling, geographical information system and GIS programming interface development.
Key Features:

Cartographic GIS Applications

Open Source

GIS Geomorphometry and Hydrogeomorphology

Advanced Raster Analysis Tools

Geodatabase Support

Geospatial Modelling

Topographic Map Viewer

Topological Analysis

Point Cloud Processing

Spatial Data Processing and Raster Analysis

ArcGIS Integration

Geoprocessing Tools

Mapping Tools

Spatial Data Management

Shapefile Editor


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MapWindow is an open source, non-proprietary GIS, which runs on all platforms. It is free to use, and is available to anyone.

The program has advanced GIS capabilities. MapWindow provides a wide range of GIS capabilities including but not limited to mapping, editing, analysis, and reporting. MapWindow GIS also provides the capability of creating, editing, and creating bookmarks. MapWindow GIS is open source and can run on all platforms.

MapWindow GIS Features:

MapWindow is a Windows based GIS application. It runs on all Windows operating systems. It can be used on a standalone basis without any additional software, or along with other GIS applications. MapWindow GIS can also be used in a network environment. MapWindow GIS is a flexible, feature-rich, and extensible GIS application.

MapWindow allows you to perform a wide range of GIS operations. It also supports a variety of edit functions, like adding, modifying, and deleting features. It is possible to work with shapefiles, raster data, vector data, and database information. MapWindow GIS supports a wide variety of functions such as:

Mapping – the mapping feature provided by MapWindow GIS enables you to map data on a planar surface as well as a vector surface. MapWindow GIS is able to export the data for use as map tiles. MapWindow GIS also permits you to send the data to a server where it can be accessed by users on different computers. A feature called the Bookmark Manager facilitates working with bookmarked views of data. It lets you create and export view templates that can be accessed on demand. The Bookmark Manager also lets you use the Bibliography data format which can be used to organize the text documents and add annotations. A PlugIn called the MapEditor provides a programming interface which permits developers to access the MapWindow GIS data objects. MapWindow GIS comes with a variety of plugins that are compatible with the framework.

GIS Capabilities – MapWindow GIS includes an advanced database capable of storing data. It enables you to store, view, edit, and manipulate the GIS data stored in the database. MapWindow GIS supports a variety of formats of data like ASCII, BIL, DHM, IMG, FLT, TIF, AUX, PIX, BMP, GIF, MAP, JPG, SID, PNG and other file formats

MapWindow GIS

The MapWindow GIS‘ open source, easy to use, and lightweight GIS software application has more than one standalone functionality. It includes functions for all the most popular GIS tasks. MapWindow GIS also includes a layer editor that lets you import and export data between the MapWindow GIS program and many popular GIS file formats. It can create and view maps in both vector and raster formats, define and add layers, tag data, export maps, perform numerous geoprocessing operations, and support plug-in technology.
Key Features:
Multi-Platform and Multi-Thread
MapWindow GIS includes automated coordinate calculations, project support, synchronous GIS/raster operations, and plugins.
Support for a wide range of GIS and raster file formats, including Delrina, CSV, ASC, DGN, DFEW, F, GeoJSON, Geotiff, GeoRaster, IMG, KML, KMLZ, MGC, MSH, MapML, MapInfo, MapInfo TAB, MapInfo XML, MapInfo XLS, MGDB, NTEE, PCIDSK, PCT, PCT, PDF, PPM, QVT, SHP, TAB, TIF, VERT, XLS, XLSX, WMF, MMP, WMS, and WMSCSV. It also supports import and export in a wide range of data formats, such as ASCII, BIL, CNA, CSV, DHM, DGN, EMF, GHT, NIMS, NIG, PDB, SHX, SID, SHP, SRTM, TAB, TIF, XML, and XPM.
Customizable Interface Layout
MapWindow GIS can be used for GIS tasks on any computer platform that supports the Java programming language, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, and others. It provides a full layout interface, making it easy for the user to work with and manipulate geospatial data.
MapWindow GIS provides a full layout interface, making it easy for the user to work with and manipulate geospatial data.
Support for Vector and Raster Layers
MapWindow GIS supports vector and raster layers, and enables fast, easy, flexible access to data from these layers.
Built-in Layers
MapWindow GIS includes over 5,000 pre-created layers for you to use.
Fully Ext

What’s New In?

MapWindow GIS:
1.Windows software and is a viewer that supports map files of various formats such as *.asc,*.bil,*.dhm,*.img,*.flt,*.aux,*.px,*.jpg,*.sid,*.png,*.jpg,*.jpg and *.png.
2.It has the ability to import and export map files to other formats. This happens on the basis of which it provides excellent functionality to create new map files.
3.It has two views namely: map view and map layer view.
4.It is a multitasking viewer that supports multiple documents and as well as supports editing of multiple documents at the same time.
5.It has many advanced features like the ability to filter and search the map.
6.It has the functions of bookmarking.
7.It is a table browser utility that has full support for the functions of storing and editing information of various file formats.
8.It supports raster maps.
9.It has the ability to work with vector maps.
10.It has a very good level of performance and serves as a good substitute to ArcGIS.

New Environment or Blue Fish

This project is build using the Blue Fish IDE with Java, but also uses mySQL database to easily manage database in Blue Fish. It is build to provide a handy built-in QT GUI, while using mySQL as backend database, making the export and import of database into/from MySQL easier.
Blue Fish supports many program language like java, c++, php, delphi, C#, C++, Actionscript, javascript and others. The applications can be decompiled into Java source code.

The application includes a handy class library which comes with an extensive set of ready to use components. These components can be used to show maps and maps plugins that is. The GUI is very easy to use and developers should be pretty experienced to create high quality applications like in this case. Some of the key features of Blue Fish are:


1.Components and Libraries
2.Easy to use UI


1.Ability to work with many built-in map formats
2.Map Plugins


1.Providing access to My SQL database
2.Supports Online forms


1.Components to work with PDF

System Requirements For MapWindow GIS:

*All versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, and 2016
*512 MB or more of RAM
*2 GB or more of available storage space
*Note: We don’t guarantee that certain aspects of an experience will be available on all platforms. Some functionality may be limited or unavailable.Determination of total polyphenols and antioxidant activity of herbal infusions and extracts of selected medicinal plants.
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