With the multitude of devices with their different screen sizes and shapes, websites with responsive designs are clearly the way forward. Still, a big part of online email marketing is shortly following this trend of responsive design.
MJML is a framework/markup language designed from the ground up to simplify as much as possible the hassle of coding responsive email design.
Clearly understanding that in order to make the most of what MJML has to offer, a more user-friendly solution is needed and, the team behind MJML have developed the MJML App.
Stylish wrapper for the MJML language
In a few words, MJML App is a classic wrapper for the MJML language that aims to make the development of responsive emails even easier thanks to its useful features such as a live preview for both desktop and mobile devices and a highly efficient code editor.
The utility does not require installation which means that you simply need to unpack the archive and launch it via its executable file. Once started, you are greeted by the app's black-themed and modern-looking interface.
Create your designs from scratch or use the samples as a starting point
Upon launch, you have the option to open an already existing mjml file and create new ones or browse through the provided design samples within the Gallery section and start your work from there.
Besides the very effective and responsive live preview features mentioned at the start of our review, the app also packs other noteworthy features.
Inspect the results directly from your devices
For example, the app also provides you with a quick way to send your responsive emails directly to your Inbox to visualize exactly how the final results look like on your phone, tablet and computers.
Please note that in order to benefit from this feature, you will need a valid Mailjet account with API keys.
Bundles a useful set of all-purpose themes
Furthermore, you might also find quite useful the fact that MJML App enables you to export your responsive emails as mjml or as HTML files.
Last but not least, it is quite clear that this app was developed by people who understand how demanding spending long hours in front of a screen littered with code can be on your eyes.
This said, you will be happy to hear that from the Settings section, you can choose from a wide array of themes to perfectly suit your working environment.
Makes designing responsive emails seem easy
MJML App offers all the benefits provided by the robust MJML framework directly on your computer's desktop.
Thanks to its useful features and customizable interface, this utility will surely help you to design eye-catching and polished responsive emails.







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A modern web app for creating responsive emails and simple responsive mobile websites from MJML. This app simplifies the process of designing responsive emails by providing intuitive user interfaces, a variety of ready-to-use designs and mjml configuration as well as powerful features for both code and markup. Stay tuned! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

MJML App Screenshots


The concept of responsive design is very much aligned to what we need as web designers. We need to provide the best possible viewing experience to the end-users, no matter whether it is a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone.
When it comes to digital marketing, email is one of the main tools that marketers are using to promote their products and services.

Similarly to websites, emails are being designed to adapt to different screen sizes, making the flow of the message much easier to read and even



If you are a blogger, you need your websites to adapt to a variety of screen sizes (desktop, tablet and smartphone). While web design is mainly focused on designing responsive websites, email design is also a developing field.
The best email designers are those who are familiar with the latest trends and who keep a close eye on what is coming up.

That’s why, with MJML App, creating responsive emails has never been easier!


When you send an email to your customers, you need to have confidence that this email will actually be read on mobile devices. This is why, when it comes to producing an email, your focus should be on designing the email with the highest level of production.

Of course, first you need to choose an email service provider that would meet your needs.

Download the MJML App and get started today!

Review MJML App

MJML App Pros

Easy to use.

Adopt MJML for mobile apps.

Adopt MJML for responsive emails.

Mockup designs.

Export to HTML.

Export to mjml.

MJML App Cons

Requires a valid Mailjet account.

The label of the UI is bulky.

Not user-friendly and hardly customizable.

MJML App Final Conclusion

„MJML App“ is a responsive email builder and HTML to MJML web

MJML App 2021 Product Key


MJML App 2021 Free Download (April-2022)

Ready to create amazing emails for your business?
MJML App will help you do it!
Just drag and drop your content onto the app’s page.
Design your emails with ease using the app’s multiple design presets.
Or you can create all of your own templates.
Inspect your design directly on your Desktop or mobile devices.
Publish to your inbox to see how your email will look.
Create responsive emails using MJML, the #1 fast and easy email framework.
Create your own templates from scratch or use a lot of MJML App’s pre-made designs as a starting point.
Format is supported for: Microsoft Word (.docx), Google Docs (.doc), HTML (.html), PDF (.pdf), and more.
Note: For automatic formatting of your content, please use the buttons at the top of the file preview.

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What’s New In MJML App?

MJML App is a lightweight and easy to use tool designed to make responsive email design as simple as possible.
Easily connect the first steps of your email campaign with MJML and learn how to import your Mailjet templates into the app to start designing your responsive emails.
You’ll be able to create previews and view them from any device simply by hitting the preview button.
All your designs are not only supported, but organized by label, collection and/or tag and it’s all reachable from the built-in functionality.
In case you find yourself without Internet connection, you can export your files in any format directly on your computer and continue working offline.
Full control over all the features of the tool are also available in the Settings section.

What is MJML?

Mjml is a markup language that can be used to create responsive emails.

What is MJML App?

MJML App is a responsive emails app that provides MJML with many useful features and an even more flexible interface.

How does MJML App work?

The MJML App is a responsive emails app that enables you to preview and create emails with the help of a powerful MJML editor.

What’s new in this version?

Some bug fixes!

MJML is a HTML-based markup language that is designed from the ground up to be used to create responsive emails.

What can MJML App do for me?

The most useful features and options are accessible only via the Settings section.

How do I get MJML App?

Instructions and FAQs on getting MJML App are available in the app’s FAQ section.

MJML App is a desktop application designed for Windows 10 that enables you to connect the first steps of your email campaign with MJML. Thanks to MJML App, it is now easier than ever to import your Mailjet templates into the app to start designing your responsive emails.

Mjml is an open standard which allows you to create emails that look great across multiple devices. Whether you are looking to increase your customer engagement, make your business more visible, or learn how to design with MJML, this app can help you.A robot that is especially designed to look like a person will be in the running for a Nobel Prize in 2014. From a video:

Aesop Rock.

It is a robot that looks like you. It has been created by a Japanese

System Requirements For MJML App:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (4Ghz+); Intel Pentium III 900 (3.2Ghz+); Intel Core 2 Duo (2Ghz+); Intel Core 2 Quad (3.0Ghz+); Intel Core 2 Extreme (2.8Ghz+)
Memory: RAM 1GB
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (256MB or greater)
DirectX®: Version 9.0c