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The Mozilla Translator lets you translate text on the fly from an XUL tree. It’s easy to use – just drag the text into the console pane on the left, and voila! It’ll automatically search for new words on the page, and fill in the blank with the meaning you’ve assigned (e.g., English, French, Japanese, or Hindi).
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d I understand. But in the first version of my application, when i copy a string from a terminal, i choose a language and that’s all..
d Later, i added a cmd line parameter, to select a language:
d „ -i py -a english“
d The first line starts the application with a specific language. If i copy ‚en‘ on a terminal, it will start application in english mode.
d But this selection will be lost when i quit the application.
d You know what’s wrong? Why there is no „Save-selection“ option? The „Save-selection“ allows me to copy a string and have it as current selection.
d And, why there is no „Save-selection“ option?
d Thanks for helping.

What’s the problem?
This is a drop-down list of software applications
I’m trying to copy text from a software applications such as Notepad
I’ve learned that I need to use the command line (This is accomplished by following the instructions in the application’s manual)
I don’t know what to do to get these commands to execute correctly

Ok, let’s try to do this without calling the command line.
Go to the menu-bar of a Firefox window.
Choose Edit->Select All
Scroll down to the bottom of the menu-bar, and you should find a menu called Commands in the text you just selected, see the illustration below.

Ok, now we have a list of commands that Firefox can execute. At this point, let’s try to copy from a Notepad window.
In Notepad press Ctrl-C to copy the text.
Now open up Firefox and navigate to a web page that contains text you want to translate.
You’re application should have just displayed a translation-menu or pop-up menu that

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MozillaTranslator Free Download is a Firefox add-on that adds a drop-down menu to the right of the Firefox address field in the address bar that allows you to translate entered words and phrases.
You can connect your Firefox to your favorite online translator using the MozillaTranslator Free Download API, either via direct API call or via the „Connect With“ menu inside the application.

The user interface is very much like a standard Windows application, although is very easy to use. When the Firefox address field is at the top of the screen there is a drop down menu containing all the Firefox translation services.

To call the translation service simply type in the text you want to translate in the Firefox address field and the result appears in the next field.

MozillaTranslator language list:


MozillaTranslator can be used to translate into other languages, besides the ones mentioned above, but if the application the translation service supports it (for example Google Translation or Skype Translator) you will have to connect using that application.

MozillaTranslator is a Firefox add-on that adds a drop-down menu to the right of the Firefox address field in the address bar that allows you to translate entered words and phrases.

MozillaTranslator uses the MozillaTranslator API, a simple and easy to use translation and API interface.

Connecting the application:

To connect the Firefox application with the MozillaTranslator API go to MozillaTranslator options and add the API by entering the following:


In MozillaTranslator options enter the address to connect to the translation service as follows:

MozillaTranslator will start connecting and a drop-down menu is shown in the Firefox address field:

Translation will be done on the server and a new window will be opened with the translation.

The new window will appear, as can be seen in the following figure:

MozillaTranslator sample applications:

You can install MozillaTranslator sample applications for testing purposes. To install these applications simply go to the MozillaTranslator Translations page and select Download Update.

You can have the Firefox application connect to your preferred translator by clicking on the Get a

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MozillaTranslator is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to help localizations or translators that want to localize Mozilla or another XUL based application.
If you’re a Mozilla or XUL based applications developer then MozillaTranslator may be a useful tool. MozillaTranslator can be downloaded for free and is provided under a BSD-style licence. The only restriction is that you may not commercialize it. It requires the XULRunner to be installed for it to work. You’ll need to confirm a shared library is available and that it has the right permissions.
MozillaTranslator is available for Windows and Linux/Unix. MozillaTranslator works in 64 bit and 32 bit. If you get an error please do file a bug report with the information listed below.
What’s New in MozillaTranslator 2.0
Mozilla Translator is no longer locked down to read and write only local files. It is possible to access all of the Mozilla datastores from within MozillaTranslator. You can now browse the Bookmarks, Preferences and Tabs databases too.
New Features
It is possible to add, change and remove existing dictionaries
New Features
Mozilla Translator now has a dictionary tool that can be used to quickly add a new dictionary.
New Features
Mozilla Translator is now able to export and import dictionaries.
New Features
Mozilla Translator now supports the MozillaLookup and Lookup dictionary. This enables translators to use MozillaLookup within MozillaTranslator. It also enables translators to use Lookup to automatically localize various items.
New Features
Mozilla Translator now has an option to fetch The default behaviour is to use the version in the Mozilla source directory but it is possible to specify another properties directory as a download location.
New Features
It is now possible to see what type of properties file you are retrieving.
New Features
Mozilla Translator now works with the new XULRunner 1.9.1.
New Features
The amount of strings in the Mozilla Lookup dictionary has increased dramatically in Firefox 2.
New Features
It is now possible to localize the default search provider for Firefox.

What’s New in the MozillaTranslator?

1 – Convert text from any language to Mozilla or any other XUL based application
2 – Translate Firefox extensions or extensions for the other applications
3 – Export and import translations from and to the most common file formats
4 – Password protection of the files (protected XUL and HTML files)
5 – Download the files automatically to the Mozilla Firefox profile (either home-profile, torrents folders,…)
6 – Automatic notification and communication with the author when the translator creates new versions.
MozillaTranslator Location:

MozillaTranslator Team:
Krauweltschreiber & Co. GmbH – Walter Käuferstrasse 2
30500 Meringen


> Note:
> The latest version (v0.6.0) contains several improvements.
> – V0.6.0 contains some performance improvement;
> – V0.6.0 has higher priority settings, i.e. the process only runs with a higher priority, if there is no other process currently running in the given priority.
> – V0.6.0 adds an option to start „MozillaTranslator“ in the background
> – Bugfixed in the integration with the Notification Center.
> – support for imlib and the german translation files of the translator
> – the creation of intermediate translation files (translations for Firefox) is now faster and more robust.
> You can read the changelog online.
> If you don’t want to have MozillaTranslator integrated in the notification center, you can uninstall it now and add it again later with the same code after using the uninstaller.
> There are also other translators, that may be better suited for your needs:
> – xul2mozul (Gnome)
> – ubin2mozul
> – glMoz
> See also the comparison chart:
> xul2mozul –
> ubin2mozul –

System Requirements:

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit)
How To Install:
Open compressed file with Winrar or Winzip
Install the game, and enjoy.
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