Documents are much easier to organize if you enter their title, subject, various keywords and relevant comments when they are saved. However, adding this data to existing files is not that easy, especially if a large number of documents need to be processed.
Thankfully, OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties Software provide you with a quick and easy solution to this issue, as it enables you to modify the properties of numerous ODT files in one operation. It could be improved in some ways, however, and it features an unimpressive GUI.
Not suitable for those who wish to work on other projects while processing their files
Before attempting to edit your documents, you should ensure that OpenOffice Writer is installed on your machine, as this application cannot alter your documents otherwise.
Unfortunately, the utility modifies your files by opening them in OpenOffice Writer one at a time, performing the necessary alterations and saving them to the specified location. Needless to say, this process is difficult to ignore when performing other tasks.
Straightforward tool that can edit multiple files at once
In order to import your documents, you can either use drag and drop actions to add them to the processing queue or load all the supported files in a particular folder at once.
Next, you need to specify which properties should be changed, and which of them should be left untouched. This step is fairly self-explanatory, and you can launch the operation immediately after selecting the desired output location.
Outdated user interface
When it comes to the application’s appearance, some improvements are clearly necessary. It is not exactly modern, and those who are accustomed to stylish UIs may not give this program a chance based on looks alone.
To sum up, OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties Software is a simple application that can help you modify your documents' embedded metadata. It is fairly easy to use, and it supports batch processing, but it features an outdated UI and is not exactly unobtrusive.







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Edit Properties Software:
The Easy Way to Change Property Values in Many File Types
OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties Software Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a neat software application that allows you to change the property values of the documents you process with OpenOffice Writer. You can use this tool to: 1) add/modify/delete comments for all the supported file types; 2) set the document title, subject, keywords, etc.; 3) set font, font size, font color; and 4) set document page orientation and margins. Overall, this application is quite useful, and it will save you some time by automating all the tedious settings.

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Edit Properties Software is a useful application which can help you modify the property values of documents you have created and saved using OpenOffice Writer. This software supports the editing of text files, XSL-FO, XSL-ML, XSL-FO, ODT, TXT, Html, and PPT, and it is easy to use. It also features a clean user interface.

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OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties Software 2022 Crack has been purchased by the software provider.
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Before using this program, please check the license agreement by clicking on the „read more“ button at the bottom of the page.

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Edit Properties Software: The Easy Way to Change Property Values in Many File Types
A very simple to use software with a somewhat outdated user interface. This software does not have a lot of features, and it does not support batch processing or record formating.

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OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties Software Crack Mac is a useful software that can help you change the property values for a variety of different file types. It is the best possible option when it comes to modifying the properties of all the supported file types in OpenOffice Writer. The application can be considered an extension to OpenOffice Writer, and it is a convenient solution for all your repetitive needs. You can use it to set document properties, such as the creation date, name, and subject. It can also be used for modifying embedded content, like embedded images and tables. In addition, it can be used to add embedded MS Word content. The program supports Unicode text, but it is only available for Mac and Linux.

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OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties Software Crack has been purchased by the software provider.
The trial version is for evaluating the software with

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☆ “OpenOffice Writer” is the document editing component of the „OpenOffice“ suite. It is a similar, yet very customizable, alternative to Microsoft Office. it has all of the functionality of Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat but comes with a much more friendly & streamlined user interface.
☆ “My Settings” allows you to customise OpenOffice Writer and get to know your personal preferences.
☆ „My Settings“ provides you with tips & tricks for using and customising OpenOffice Writer.
☆ „OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties“ allows you to modify & customize the properties of a single or multiple OpenOffice Writer documents.
☆ „OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties“ can batch modify the properties of multiple OpenOffice Writer documents.
☆ “OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties” allows you to choose between automatic (or intelligent) and manual processing of OpenOffice Writer files.
☆ „OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties“ contains a Help/Contents menu.
☆ „OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties“ allows you to import and export documents between “OpenOffice Writer” and Microsoft „Word“.
☆ „OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties“ allows you to import and export documents from „OpenOffice Writer“.
☆ „OpenOffice Writer Edit Properties“ automatically saves your changes before exporting them.March 22, 2013

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Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2 or newer
Adobe Flash Player version 9 or newer (
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 or newer (
Acceptance by use of this application will be deemed to be your consent to its Terms and Conditions.
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