PowerTCP Winsock Tool – ActiveX controls for UDP, TCP, Daemon, DNS, Ping and RAS provide the building blocks you need for basic Internet application development.
Here are some key features of „PowerTCP Winsock Tool“:
· TCP control can be used to implement standard upper-layer protocols (such as WHOIS and Time), as well as any custom protocols you want to develop.
· UDP control can likewise be used to implement standard upper-layer protocols (such as Network Time Protocol), as well as custom protocols that use datagram-level communications.
· Daemon control accepts incoming connections, then TCP controls can be created on new threads, implementing custom multi-threaded server applications.
· DNS control is implemented directly (does not use Winsock services), so you can do address look-ups, reverse address look-ups, and mail address look-ups (from MX records).
· RAS control provides complete control over dial-up IP services.
· Ping control checks if a host is reachable.
· Supports COM+ Component Services.
· Can be used in a multi-threaded environment.
· Includes a royalty-free license.
· Wrapper classes included for convenient integration into Visual C++.
· 100% .NET compatible using .NET COM interop, samples included.
· 30 days free trial







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PowerTCP Winsock Tool Crack enables developers to build and deploy Internet clients and servers that offer TCP, UDP, DNS, Ping, RAS, and basic Internet services.
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In this guide, I’ll describe how to build an web application with ASP.NET MVC. In this tutorial, I’ll use the same JavaScript library I’ve used in a previous tutorial to demonstrate how to make a Telerik RadWindow. If you want to start with a more complex web application, check out the ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Guide which covers all that’s available to you.


There are a number of code editors available for the.NET framework. While most of these editors are available for Windows and Mac, I will be focussing on Windows applications where most of the code editors are available. One such application is Visual Studio. Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) and programming environment that helps you design and develop applications that target the Windows operating system.

In this example, I will demonstrate how to develop a Windows application that consists of a single aspx page that shows a Telerik RadWindow. I will show you how to include different types of controls and include images from resources. In this example, I will use JavaScript library. We will also create a main page that will contain an image and two divs.

Creating the Default Application Page

The first step is to create a new ASP.NET MVC application. Right click on the solution and click on ‘Add New Item’. A dialog box will appear. In the dialog box select ‘ASP.NET MVC C# Controller’ and click ‘Add’.

The file will be added to the solution. You can now add some text to the file and save it. In this example, I am showing the Telerik RadWindow sample. You can see the sample Telerik website here. It is an application that lets you create a simple windows application and publish the application over the Internet. This is one of the best tutorials that I found about ASP.NET MVC.

Selecting the RadWindow

The ASP.NET MVC RadWindow is a control that provides the functionality for creating a window with a predefined size. The window can be used for displaying graphical content (e.g. images, charts, plots etc.) or you can use it

PowerTCP Winsock Tool

PowerTCP Winsock Tool is a set of ActiveX Components designed to make creating standard and custom protocols easier than ever. In addition, the components offer a set of advanced TCP and UDP control classes designed to provide a high degree of flexibility to implement any protocol you can think of in a high-performance manner.
PowerTCP Winsock Tool Key Features:
– TCP Control (TCP Client, TCP Server, DNS Control, Time)
– UDP Control (UDP Client, UDP Server, NetBIOS Control, DNS Control, RAS Control, DNS Reverse Control)
– Daemon Control (TCP Client, TCP Server, DNS Control, Time)
– Ping Control
– COM+ Component Services Compatible
– Can be used in a multi-threaded environment
– Wrapper classes included for convenient integration into Visual C++
PowerTCP Winsock Tool Demo and Documentation:

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[SIZE=3]PowerTCP Winsock Tool Registration[/SIZE]
PowerTCP Winsock Tool Registration:

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PowerTCP Winsock Tool Crack

Winsock Control Toolkit for.NET – ActiveX controls for TCP, UDP and DNS are included, allowing you to build all sorts of Internet applications.
Here are some key features of „Winsock Control Toolkit“:
· Control TCP sockets for standard upper-layer protocols such as DNS, Time, etc.
· Control UDP sockets for standard upper-layer protocols such as Network Time Protocol, Network Discovery, etc.
· Control DNS using the WinSock DNS control.
· Control the parameters for a RAS connection.
· Control the parameters for a PPP connection.
· Control the parameters for a dial-up connection.
· Allows you to check if a host is reachable by pinging it.
· Allows you to make reverse lookups using the WinSock reverse lookup control.
· Allows you to check how much bandwidth a connection uses, and limit it.
· Supports an exclusive license.
· 100%.NET compatible using.NET COM interop, samples included.
· Includes the sample application for each tool.
· 30 days free trial
Winsock Control Toolkit for.NET Description:

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What’s New In PowerTCP Winsock Tool?

PowerTCP Winsock Tool is an activeX control utility for TCP, UDP, DNS, Ping, RAS, and HTTP. It was designed as a basic building blocks to implement your own internet apps, and can be used to:
1. Produce your own local Internet Control Panel, web site, forum, and other Internet apps.
2. Connect to remote databases like Oracle, SQL,.NET, Visual FoxPro, Access, etc.
3. Host custom protocols using TCP and UDP data flows, or even custom protocols such as PPP, L2TP, IPSec, ISDN, and other protocols.
4. Activate incoming connections that can be configured in a variety of ways.
5. Enable and disable remote hosts and their services.
6. Execute a variety of requests against remote Internet hosts and services.
7. Manage custom protocols‘ settings, parameters, and details.
8. Support COM+ Component Services, so it can be a part of your own Internet application.
9. Support security and access control.
10. Work on either the local or remote machine, use the other machine’s Internet connection, even use a dial-up modem.
11. Include or omit TCP/IP stacks, user-level programming, or use-level programming.
12. Provide „scriptability“ and „customization“ via XML-RPC interfaces, and generate ActiveX controls for your Internet apps.
13. Exceed the performance of any ActiveX TCP/IP socket library on the market.
14. Send and receive data at rates over 50kbps.
15. Integrate with the other components in ActiveX Winsock Tool Suite.
PowerTCP Winsock Tool Features:
· TCP Control:
· Supports the most common protocols including HTTP, SMTP, MySQL, DNS, and Telnet.
· Designed to handle many custom protocols, such as PPP, L2TP, IPSec, SNMP, SMTP, and many more.
· Control can be passed to or from another thread.
· Can be easily extended to support custom protocols.
· Supports data pipelining.
· Supports very large data buffers, easily over 1MB.
· Flexible timeout settings for networking and busy-wait.
· Supports multithreading.
· Supports callback support for callback-based applications.
· Supports multiple simultaneous requests.
· Supports TCP/IP stacks (MSSSCLL, NSS

System Requirements:

• DirectX 11
• OpenGL 4.3
• 4GB of RAM
• Windows 7 or newer (Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 are not supported)
• 1 GB video RAM
• 128 MB VRAM
• 1GB VRAM for the video card
• 1 GHz or higher CPU
• Windows 7 or newer (Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 are not supported) • DirectX 11 • OpenGL 4.3 • 4GB of RAM • Windows 7 or newer (Windows 8, 8.1,