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Adobe After Effects CC is a creative tool from Adobe that is used for creating animations, VFX, and video effects. After Effects is the best tool to create an interactive design, is used to make 3D effects, and is very helpful to create a video presentation.
After Effects cc software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
Support for 64-bit systems is a nice feature of this application.
It is a comprehensive, yet easy and fast tool to create basic animations.
The best feature is support for streaming, which provides support for real-time streaming.
This powerful tool allows users to integrate graphics, animation, and audio with ease.

Adobe After Effects CC, is a first-class environment for implementing animation with sound and graphics.
It is available for all modern versions of Windows and the Mac OS X.
■ 64-bit OS systems
After Effects does not support 32-bit processes.
■ 4 GB RAM
More than 4 GB RAM may be needed to run certain projects.
■ 1.8 GHz processor speed or faster
8 GB RAM or faster is recommended.
■ 15 GB free hard disk space
More storage space may be needed depending on the size of the file you are working on.
■ Adobe After Effects CC version
This software is available in two types:
■ Full version
This is free of charge.
■ Standard version
This version is charged.
■ Windows or Mac OS X OS
This version is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.
■ The program interface
Basic UI has three modes:
■ Timeline Editor: tools that allow you to place tools, lights, and keyframes
■ Timeline View: preview what you are working on or check out the timeline and console
■ Composition View: shows the currently active composition or view
■ Timeline: shows the timeline.
In the Timeline window, you see the current project, the scene, the comps (composition), the layers, layers transitions and movements, and a timeline.
A timeline is like a storyboard and shows all the individual elements such as animation, keyframes, and layers on which you can place animation or video effects. The layers are where all the animations and effects are placed.
A layer is divided into different tracks on which animation and effects can be placed and manipulated

Proton 2014.00 Crack

This is a free prognose software for windows and now you can watch what will happen in future and what your baby will be.You can see your baby’s name in text. New born must be named, it is a tradition.For more features and functions Click Here

Nursing Simulator Description:

Baby Nursing Simulator is a babies simulation software that provides mothers with complete instructions for feeding her/his baby. A Nursing Simulator lets mom to completely control the babies’ feeding process. Experienced mothers may use the Nursing Simulator for teaching nursing and baby care to new mothers. The Nursing Simulator features animations, realistic sound effects and simulated breast milk flow. You can view the babies’ behaviors and smiles, as well as hear their breathing and gurgle, when breastfeeding. There are four different breast sizes available, for mothers of all ages and babies of all sizes. Nursing Simulator enables you to express breast milk without disturbing your active lifestyle.

Nursing Simulator features:

â?¢ 4 breast sizes – Small, Average, Big and XL
â?¢ Breast cup can rotate – 360 degrees
â?¢ Maximum breast cup sizes (optional) – B, C
â?¢ Latch the baby with a toothpick – to brush baby teeth
â?¢ Able to use a bottle nipple and bottle
â?¢ 2 breast feeding positions – Hanging breast and Sitting breast
â?¢ Nurses can sleep at night while breastfeeding
â?¢ 3 milk options – Water, expressed milk and warm milk
â?¢ Difficulties of breastfeeding – Nursing while pregnant, fatigue, insufficient milk, indigestion etc…
â?¢ Changing breast sizes – Small, Average, Big and XL
â?¢ Show previous breastfeeding sessions, helpful to track progress
â?¢ Play sounds – Baby gurgle, baby burp, baby breath etc…
â?¢ Video lessons about baby care, breastfeeding, baby feeding, baby feeding methods etc…
â?¢ Clinical Research conducted by a doctor and a nurse
â?¢ Nursing education system – 1 lesson, 2 lessons, 3 lessons, etc…
â?¢ Customize the lesson – correct the nursing mode, time, breast size, breast cup, breast position, recording duration, remove sound, video, lessons, etc…
â?¢ Children Care – Baby learning to walk, baby learning to swim
â?¢ Baby movements / dances – Sit, Moving, Sleep, Wake up

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Proton Editor is a very powerful application for editing, encoding, playing, recording and transcoding your videos. It works on more than 60 file types including.avi,.mp4,.mkv,.wmv,.mov,.flv,.m4v,.divx,.3gp,.aac,.ac3,.m4a,.aif,.aifc,.aiff,.asf,.asx,.asf,.avi,.bmp,.cdr,.cda,.cmx,.cmp,.ctl,.cmu,.cmd,.cpl,.dat,.divx,.divx,.dvi,.dwg,.dxf,.ecelp48,.ecelp49,.esh,.f4v,.gif,.gif-player,.iso,.jai,.jpeg,.jpg,.js,.kml,.m3u,.m4v,.mat,.mdl,.mpeg,.mov,.mpg,.mpe,.mpg,.mp3,.mp4,.mp4,.mpc,.mpg,.mts,.msg,.mxf,.nfo,.nib,.nuv,.ogg,.ogv,.p7v,.pea,.pef,.pgm,.png,.psd,.psk,.ptx,.qt,.rar,.rgb,.rm,.rmi,.rrg,.swf,.tga,.tif,.tiff,.ts,.vob,.wav,.webm,.wma,.wmv,.xbm,.xpm,.xwd,.xz,.z,.zpk,.xml,.zoo,.zip,.applix,.trax,.zsh,.gph,.mpc,.mvc,.mpc,.mpv,.aac,.ac3,.m4a,.aif,.aiff,.asf,.asx,.avi,.bmp,.cdr,.cda,.cmx,.cmp,.ctl,.

What’s New In Proton?

The Proton Software program called „Proton Web Browser“ is a web browser designed for multi-platform usage. This product is a cross-plat for Windows, Linux, OS X, and mobile devices (Android, IOS) software which provides its customers with the ability to surf the net and download free of charge software. This web browser is designed for both business and home users.
Latest Features of Proton Web Browser :
* Uses HTML5 and CSS3 features for faster browsing
* Uses Java for compatibility with mobile apps
* Displays the browser`s status
* Looks the same on all platforms
To get started, download Proton Web Browser Free!
Note: Proton Web Browser would not work on older versions of Windows since some of the features that make the browser so powerful are only available on Windows 8 and higher.

JAXPLAYER is a player of mov, flv, mp4, 3gp, avi, mpeg, wmv, mp3, etc. With JAXPLAYER, you can not only play audio file and play video file at the same time, but also can capture the video you want to play to your computer in a simple and user-friendly way.
As for Windows XP, it could not only play audio file and play video file at the same time, but also could capture the video you want to play to your computer in a simple and user-friendly way.
JAXPLAYER for Windows XP takes minimal system resources and has an easy-to-use configuration interface. It is very portable and suitable for most computers.
We believe that JAXPLAYER will become your next choice as a music and video player.
Some new features of JAXPLAYER:
* If the video file is too large, it can be partially played without interruptions.
* The video file can be played in window mode.
* The video file can be played in full-screen mode.
* JAXPLAYER can capture the video from the video file, which is a useful feature for people who are fond of photography.
* There are many audio sample files at your disposal, which can be used for creating music.
* While playing the audio file or playing the video file, you can also listen to the audio sample file simultaneously.
* You can view the video’s metadata.
* It supports HTML5 Media Tag.
* You can specify the video’s language, size, and even edit the

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Graphics: DirectX 9 GPU
Storage: 5 GB
Additional Notes: