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quickMemorizer is an educational application for Linux users, which is designed to help you memorize texts and texts of any length. Using this application, you can quickly insert a set of texts and memorize them. The important thing is that quickMemorizer does not use the traditional techniques of helping you memorize texts.

quickMemorizer is a comprehensive application for your use, which helps you memorize different texts. The program is easy to use, with an intuitive interface, you do not have to worry about anything.
quickMemorizer Features

– fast

– intuitive

– multimedia interface

– short texts

– long texts

– text blocks

– slide

– high complexity

– whole texts

– first letter

– blanks

– scramble words

– test mode

– persistent text

– break

– collections

– interface

– support for editing

– simple

– provides a free edition and opensource distribution

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The application features a user-friendly interface and a simple and intuitive design. It can be easily integrated in your daily activities. The interface consists of a single panel, similar to a tablet, with all the features to easily memorize and process multiple texts in a simple and efficient manner. The configuration panel has several quick and easy methods, which can be activated at any given time. With a single click you can easily insert new files into the database. The program is portable, and it comes in a portable edition that you can run from any computer and effortlessly from any desktop. It can also be easily installed and copied onto a removable device.

A user-friendly interface with a simple and intuitive design.
The application features a user-friendly interface and a simple and intuitive design. The configuration panel has several quick and easy methods that can be activated at any given time. With a single click you can easily insert new files into the database.

A simple and easy-to-learn interface and panel.
The application features a simple and easy-to-learn interface and panel.

The application can be easily integrated in your daily activities.
The application features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and panel.

The application is portable, which means it can be copied to an external pen and launched without prior installation and effortlessly from any computer.

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– Design:
Designed for memorizing texts, which makes reading their content much faster, easier and, hopefully, more pleasant.
– Features:
There are three modes to choose from. They are as follows:
– LEAN: very lean technique which is designed for people who want to quickly memorize vocabulary lists.
– INC: increase the font, increase the size of the screen, which makes it easier to read the presented words.
– DON“T LOOK: hide words in the text.
– Other important features:
The program also comes with built-in dictionary, which provides you with a variety of synonyms to memorize more words.
– Memorize text:
You can add a new text to memorize to the database, from which you can choose from 3 different methods for the process:
– Clear: Clear all words from the screen except the words that you want to memorize.
– Random: Randomly scramble the words until they are all memorized.
– Learn: Learn a particular word and it will be shown in the program one more time.
– Encoding: You can encode a text if you want to write it down somewhere or find other way to memorize it.
– Import: Import text from one or more text files or paste it into the program.
– Export: Export data for later import into the program.
– Full-screen: Quickly and easily read any document in full-screen mode.
– Prev/Next word: You can choose the next word from list and press the next button to the word you would like to learn. To change, you just need to press the Previous button.
– Dictionary: A built-in dictionary, which, in addition to the database allows you to learn more words.
– Clock: Quickly open a time table.
– About dialog: Allow user to see the about.
– Sync: Sync with desktop.
– Version: The current version is 2.0.
– License:
– License: GPL 3
– License URL:
– The freeware price is $1, see the license link above to validate your version.
– The full version price is $29, see the license link above to validate your version.
– Please support the software by buying the full version.
– You can also buy licensed software on our


-Self-explanatory and intuitive tool
-Easy navigation and operation
-Fast loading time
-Portable and easy to install
-Supports many text types
-Wonders and games

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System Requirements For QuickMemorizer:

-Windows XP (32/64) / Vista (32/64) / 7 (32/64) / 8 (32/64) / 10 (32/64)
-Minimum System Requirements for the operating system installed on the hard drive are:
-1 GHz processor (or equivalent)
-128 MB RAM (256 MB or more recommended)
-30 GB available hard drive space
-DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
-1 GB of VRAM (1024 MB or more recommended)