Sequence Counter is a handy utility that will enable users to analyze the number of sequences that can be find in a FASTA file. The program also supports FASTQ as well as tab delimited format sequence files.
Using Sequence Counter is a breeze since all you have to do is drag and drop the target file and the application will count the contained sequences and display their number momentarily.







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The Sequence Counter can analyze FASTA files and calculate the number of proteins or amino acids it can find.
To use this application, you need the following program files:
Assembly – source code
Assembly – binaries
Sequence Counter – source code
Sequence Counter – binaries
The Sequence Counter requires either Assembly 1.8 or later, or a working version of the MSVC compilers.
A useful sequence counters are also available for iPhone, iPad and Android.
For more information visit:
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Sequence Counter

Count the Sequences with the help of this simple yet effective utility. It can work with either FASTA or FASTQ format file. It has the capacity to count sequences separated by line, by character or by value.
As you perform the operation, you will be able to get the following output:
Number of Sequences
Sequence Location
While the sequences are being counted, you will be able to view the latest snapshot of the counter.
Key features:
Counts the sequences contained in a FASTA file.
Counts the sequences contained in a FASTQ file
Overwrites the FASTA or FASTQ file
Detects the file format
Supports FASTA and FASTQ formats
Provides a snapshot of the progress
Provides for export of the above files
When you are done with this utility you will be able to get a snapshot of the progress. You will be able to change the properties of this snapshot, and even download it.Culture Explorer – An Observatory for the Culture of the World

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Sequence Counter is a utility, which counts the number of sequences in a file or a folder. It supports multiple sequence input files, and can count FASTA, FASTQ, FASTAZ, and tab-delimited file input. It is very easy to use and requires no special knowledge to understand the usage of the program.

1.The program will count the number of sequences in a file.
2.The program support batch file input, so that you can input multiple FASTA files at one go.
3.The program support multiple sequence input and multiple output files.
4.The program supports multi-threading, so that it can count fast.


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What’s New In Sequence Counter?

1. Drag and drop a file to the title window and hit the start button. Sequence Counter will run the analysis of the selected file.
2. The count of found sequences will be shown in seconds.
3. Sequence Counter allows you to set pause time between each sequence counting process.
4. Features:
? Supports the FASTA and FASTQ format
? You can use the file.txt, which is separated by tab, to count the sequences in a file.
? The file can be edited by the user.
? The sequence counter can show the result in two ways:
? Counting time: 1 sec
? Counting time: 3 sec
? The result will be displayed as a count graph.
? The time limit can be set to only count a certain number of sequences.
? The user has the option to draw and design sequence graphs.
? The user can close the Sequence Counter after the job is finished.
? The program will pause for up to 5 sec between each sequence count.

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System Requirements For Sequence Counter:

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