With this tool you can load any generic SRS XML output file and convert into one of the given output formats to import this into Microsoft Excel.
The software has various options concerning 1:n relationships between databases, so that „double“ values can be compressed to one number only which represents for instance the average, highest or lowest value of the values in the original XML file.
Get SRS XML2Text Converter and take it for a test drive to see what it can actually do for you!









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SRS XML2Text Converter is used to convert an XML file in SRS format to an Excel file. This software is suitable for anyone interested in the importation of the data from SRS XML files into Excel or other spreadsheet programs.
Export XML to Excel
Export SRS XML file to an Excel file
Import SRS XML into Excel
Import SRS XML into Microsoft Excel
Generate Excel From XML file
Bulk XML to Excel
Use an XML file as a Database
Export and import XML files
Export XML to Excel
Import XML to Excel
Create an Excel file from an XML file
Excel File to XML
Use Excel or other spreadsheet programs to import XML data
Import SRS XML into Excel
Import XML into Excel
Get SRS XML2Text Converter and take it for a test drive to see what it can actually do for you!Q:

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SRS XML2Text Converter Crack+

– Fast conversion of generic SRS XML output file to plain text (ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-16) files and/or Excel text files.
– SRS XML to Excel conversion is done in one simple step: First the XML output file is loaded, and then the created Excel document is saved (with the original SRS data still in there).
– XML data can be read into Excel cells so that the user can import, convert, edit or export the SRS XML data.
– Works with any SRS XML output file (for example: the output of a non-commercial or free trial version of ERDAS IMAGINE, ESRI ArcInfo, ESRI ArcGIS, GE GIS, Geomatica, HERE Maps, InfoTrends Technologies, MicroStation, NDSI, OMPS, or SRTM World Height Dataset).
– The XML output file can be read and converted into the respective formats with this software.
– A solution for generic SRS XML output files to be easily importable and usable in Excel or other programs.
– Allows the user to import or export an Excel or other text file to an SRS XML output file.
– Excels and other plain text files are created.
– Supports the following import formats:
– Unicode text (UTF-8 and UTF-16)
– Unicode text (UTF-8)
– ASCII text
– Unicode text (UTF-16)
– UTF-8
– UTF-16
– UTF-16 BE (Big Endian)
– UTF-16 LE (Little Endian)
– Excel text
– UTF-8
– UTF-16 BE (Big Endian)
– UTF-16 LE (Little Endian)
– Unicode text (UTF-8 and UTF-16)
– UTF-8
– UTF-16 BE (Big Endian)
– UTF-16 LE (Little Endian)
– Excel text
– Unicode text (UTF-8 and UTF-16)
– UTF-8
– UTF-16 BE (Big Endian)
– UTF-16 LE (Little Endian)
– Unicode text (UTF-8)
– ASCII text
– UTF-8
– UTF-16 BE (Big Endian)
– UTF-16

SRS XML2Text Converter Crack With Key

This software can read SRS XML reports and convert them into Microsoft Excel, Open Office or LibreOffice.
It can also convert the data directly into a database like MySQL.
This tool has many features and supports many language versions of SRS XML, so you can select any language you need for conversion and export it into the required format.
For example in French it supports the following languages:



Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)











What is new in SRS XML2Text -?

Main Changes



March 23, 2017

The GUI has a new and improved design.


SRS XML output file as input.

File Size

~13MB (Incl. all languages).



File Format

.xlsx,.odt,.ods,.txt (Open Office),.ods (LibreOffice) or.csv (MySQL).

Supported Output Formats

Microsoft Excel

Open Office



Other Languages

Download Links

SRS XML2Text Changelog

– System-wide resizing of the GUI window to avoid the resize issues caused by large files.
– Converting the value of a generic 1:n relationship in the output file to a number.
– Importing tables directly from the XML output file (e.g. „import_table“).
– Files were not updated correctly in some cases.
– No conversion errors with certain invalid files.
– Certain unsupported XML files are now ignored by the program.
– Other minor improvements.

– Conversion of tables directly from the SRS XML output file.
– Importing the required database tables from the output

What’s New In SRS XML2Text Converter?

This tool converts SRS XML data into one of the four data formats described in the left column. Once the user-defined option to convert a SRS XML file has been selected in the left column, the file will be converted according to the selected option. The right column contains all the available options. The listed file types are all provided by default. But a user may also add his own file type. Also, the user may define custom parameters for the conversion.
Moreover, it is possible to apply SQL queries to one of the SRS XML files. The tool allows the user to select the file that is to be converted and the application of SQL queries.
To be able to apply SQL queries to one of the SRS XML files, a user is required to have the SQL Server database engine installed on his machine.
1:n relationships between databases can be set up, by means of which data in the converted output files can be compressed into one number, which represents the average, highest or lowest value of the SRS XML elements.
Furthermore, a user can select the file that is to be exported to Excel. He can then choose one of the existing file types or, if no file is found, he can add his own file type.
By means of the (current) SQL statement, the user can select one of the SRS XML files.

Availability and usage:
* Download the tool from this page.
* Unzip the downloaded files.
* Launch the executable.
* Select the SRS XML file to convert.
* Choose the option for conversion.
* After conversion, a file of the selected file type is saved.
* Click on the „Open Excel“ button, the file is now imported to Excel.
* To apply SQL queries to the imported Excel file, a user is required to have the SQL Server database engine installed on his machine.
* Please refer to the manual for more information on the usage of the tool.

System Requirements For SRS XML2Text Converter:

(Minimum: OS: Windows 7/8, 64-bit processor, 1 GB RAM; recommended: OS: Windows 10, 64-bit processor, 4 GB RAM; DirectX: DirectX 11)
Once the Installer has finished installing, you will need to be connected to the internet and you will need to have an active internet connection to receive all of the game updates.
This game may require internet connectivity to be activated.
Once the download is complete, you will receive the download link to your Origin Games Library via the Origin Client.