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Solve your planetary problems with SymSolon Activation Code. This astrology software
is inspired by the SYMBOLON deck. It can calculate the positions of
the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus
according to the constellations for you. It can draw the
classical circular horoscope and also the symbolon. You can set the
date and time for the planet and the fixed symbolon. It provides the
time zone for your country. You can set the symbolon for the 9
planets and calculate the free text symbolon for other planets by
hints. It provides the statistical report for the month and year of
the current day and time. It is very useful when we want to
calculate the aspect of the day. It is also easy to record a
symbolon or horoscope record by using the symbolon software.
– many kinds of daily method including free text method, constellations
method, free text and fixed symbolon method, and statistical method
– configure multiple planets on the same day and on the same symbolon
– configure multiple symbolons on the same day and on the same planet
– calculate the Ascendant, the Midheaven, the Descendant, the
Sagittarius, the Capricorn, and the Aquarius. You can calculate
multiple positions on the same symbolon and on the same day and time
– configure multiple dates on the same symbolon, including the past
historical positions
– configure multiple moons on the same day, and calculate the
positions of all the moons
– configure multiple exaltation and aspect rate
– calculate the degree of the fixed text exaltation and aspect rate
– configure the exaltation and aspect rate on the same day
– configure the name and the personal name, and then calculate the
the chart according to the name
– calculate the probability of the coming of an event and the month
when the event will happen, according to the birth hour, date, and
– calculate the 12 signs, and configure the position of the Sun,
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
– calculate the meaning of the dream and word of the past historical
– calculate the planetary cycles, planets‘ house, planets‘ sign, and

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Keymacro is used to automate the creation of astrology symbolon card and horoscope table from the constellation data (Keynote), it contains the following functions:
* Import card data from Keynote to the database
* Create and edit Keynote model or create an astrology symbolon table from it
* Export Keynote data to the database
* Calculate the chart using the given Keynote and show the chart in a panel
* Create and edit astrology symbolon card
* Save the astrology symbolon chart to the database

In any position of the desired chart, the software shows the planet locations in the correct position. The choice of the time scale (hour, day, week, month, year, century) is made by selecting the appropriate position in the chart.
SYMBOLON Description:
SYMBOLON is an astrology software inspired by the SYMBOLON deck. The original SYMBOLON made by MacGregor Mathers in the 1910s. It’s a table of 14 cards, one for each of the 14 planets.
The SYMBOLON software consists of 2 components:
1. Mark Card Table – A table of 14 cards, one for each of the 14 planets. The standard time scale is a week and the index runs from 0 to 14.
2. Calculation – The 13 card mark cards are
* Carved into the astrological picture, one to each of the planets.
* Exact planet position using
* Differential astrology
* Dictionaries
* Differential astrology is an astrology tool that converts the positions of the planets to different astrology dates to provide an accurate relationship between the position of the planets and the day and month for any fixed date.
SYMBOLON has been extensively developed for over half a century. The current edition was originally designed by

STARS is an information tool for astronomy. It may be used to locate stars and constellations and to plot positions on the sky. The program is written in the Japanese Language.
The following is an overall description of the stars program.
*Open the stars program
*Calculate the position of stars and constellations with respect to the horizon.
*Look up stars with the cursor
*List the stars found on the screen
*Select a star to locate it on the sky and to calculate it’s position
*Display the star’s appearance in the

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What’s New In SymSolon?

This software can also be used to provide astrological counseling and guidance services. For example: a client can receive personalized horoscope via email.

It is an ideal software for astrology beginners.

System requirements:

With the following tool you can do manual or algorithmic calculations on the levels of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. You can calculate or filter exact dates, times or any other data in your local time zone.

Start the software, switch to the Manual mode or Algorithmic mode, select your calculations and that’s it. You are ready to calculate.


Constant: Horoscope

Scalar: Quasi Horoscope

Pythagorean: Quasi Pythagorean (Horoscope)

Pythagorean: Quasi Pythagorean (Pythagorean)

Sextant: Quasi Horoscope

Sextant: Quasi Horoscope


There are no security issues in this software and the user doesn’t need to install any special software.

This is an open source software under the GPL.

Market demand:

As a free astrology software, this software is mainly used by astrology beginners and for personal usage.


The planetary cosmography is the first step in astrology. It is possible to study the planetary positions in detail. Using the cosmography software it is possible to follow all the planets for a long time. It is possible to observe any significant changes in the horoscope. Any important astrological events, progress and new opportunities, can be evaluated. The accuracy of the planetary positions is also impressive, because they are based on the exact coordinates of the Sun and the Moon as well as on the time of the day.


Based on the latest data, this software calculates exact positions of the planets for any exact date, time, year and time zone.


The planetary positions are updated daily.

System requirements:

This software doesn’t require any special hardware or software.


This software is open source and the source code is available.

Market demand:

It is possible to get new data for any exact date.


The charts are used to display the horoscopes and planet positions. Charts are made using the sophisticated graphic tool.

There are some charts in this software:


Chart of the day

Card of the day

Harmonic chart

Harmonic chart summary

Conjunctive chart

In the table of horoscopes there are different types of charts:


Horoscope charts display planets in the 12 houses.

Horoscope charts display planets in the 1st

System Requirements:

Audio: Standard setting / 3.0ch > 7.1ch Sound Output.
DLC Pack Files: Completes the game
“GanGang Gakuen” and “Sparkle OAD”
1. “GanGang Gakuen”
2. “Sparkle OAD”
-Comes with the game, Download it from the following link:

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