If you are currently using dial-up networking calls, then you may need a dedicated tool that is able to give you details about your calls, such as the length and cost, and amount of data transferred. TICK is one of those tools that can help you log all the dial-up calls, and comes packed with many useful features for dealing with such a task.
It sports a user-friendly interface that allows users to perform several actions on the go.
The program is able to display the estimated cost and length, and to log all your calls. You can make TICK indicate the minimum and maximum charge band, show cost (including discount), and flash an icon during the minimum and maximum charge period, or while being connected. Moreover, you may enable a floating window to show you the current status of your calls.
It is possible to make the program close when you hang up the dial-up connection, compact call logs at startup, and backup log files. The application allows you to define the charge options for each dial-up connection, time range and cost per minute.
You can also customize the look of the UI by selecting a different color for the following areas: idle time, cost, DTR, speed, lights, and others. The program allows users to pick the decimal place for the charge bands, log statistics and details, display, cost per minute, DTW, and data transferred.
TICK features a POP3 mail checker and allows users to disconnect after specific time intervals. You can set the minimum and maximum charge rate, as well as the discount rate.
To sum things up, TICK can be considered a pretty useful tool that can help you log all your dial-up calls, and give details about them, such as the length and cost of the call, and amount of data transferred.



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TICK is an application designed for dial-up connections logging, features include:
* Logs all dial-up connections
* Provides all the details of dial-up calls, including length, cost, and transferred data.
* Lists and displays the minimum and maximum charges, the discount, and current speed
* Displays dialogs
* Displays the current dial-up connection status: connected, disconnected or
* Controls the mail checker after specific time intervals
* Displays the current log file status: edited, downloaded, or downloaded and edited
* Comes with a POP3 mail checker
* Log statistics and details
* Logs the amount of transferred data
* Allows the user to log as many calls as he wants
* Settings include:
* The cost per minute
* The cost, minimum and maximum charges
* The minimum and maximum time limits
* The minimum and maximum speed
* Whether to log details
* Whether to log the amount of transferred data
* The number of digits to log
* Whether to use the statistics (graphical)
* The amount of transferred data per minute
* The decimals to log the charges
* Displayed on the left, the button is placed on the right, the rest of the space is available for icons
* The program supports file associations so that you may open the log files with any text editor
* Allows the user to disconnect after specific time intervals
* Checks periodically whether there are updates
* Comes with a custom GUI
* The program is packaged in a jar file

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TICK is a free dial-up call log, accounting and bill checking tool. It allows users to make dial-up connections to a variety of dial-up protocols, including UUCP, CCS, GPRS, GSM, and HSCSD.
TICK can handle all commonly used dial-up protocols for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Windows 8.1/10, including the following ones:
UUCP (Unix to Unix Copy Protocol) is a remote login protocol used for connecting to remote servers that run UNIX and Sun Microsystems Solaris operating systems, including the FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and OpenSolaris.
For instance, when you connect to the UUCP server, you can access the remote computer as if you were physically sitting at the keyboard. This protocol is also often used to transfer files from a computer to another, or between two computers connected to a common network.
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What’s New In?

TICK is a handy dial-up call logging and analysis utility for Windows 95/98/Me/NT4. TICK makes it very easy to log dial-up calls by making use of standard MAPI interfaces. TICK offers the following features:
Cost Logging
Automatically detect dial-up telephone numbers, along with the call logging options.
Log for minimum and maximum charge band options, display cost, DTW, and data transferred.
Call Status Window
Display current call status, including the lights and status icon.
Minimum and Maximum Charge Band Options
Configure the minimum and maximum charge bands.
Cost per Minute Option
Configure the cost per minute options for your dial-up accounts.
Compact Call Logs at Startup
TICK will compress the call logs at startup, and log details on the fly.
Support for Mobile Phones
TICK will detect and identify mobile telephone numbers for logging purposes.
Last Call Period Options
TICK has the ability to last call period options.
Backup Log Files
Backup log files to removable storage media.
POP3 mail checker
TICK will check your mail automatically.
Free Trial Version
TICK is a trial version, which comes with no time limitations.
Copyright (C) 2010, Evelen Soft, inc. All rights reserved.

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500 MB free hard drive space.
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