Touch Drums MIDI is a Windows audio application whose purpose is to help you play MIDI sounds on a touch screen or via mouse clicks. It comes with support for a wide range of drum sets and allows playing of custom audio files from your computer.
User interface
The utility includes in the package two programs: one is specifically designed for touch input devices, while the other can be used for controlling the sound using your mouse. They both sport the same interface, which looks intuitive and easy to work with.
How it works
Touch Drums MIDI integrates several preset buttons in the main window that can be used for triggering the drum sets and audio files. Each button can have its own audio which can be activated with a single touch or mouse click.
You can set up a button by right-clicking on its interface and choosing one of the instruments displayed in a list. Furthermore, you can tweak the sound produced by each button by altering the octave and note, and listen to the adjustments before applying them.
The application gives you the possibility to import up to six audio files from your computer (WAV file format) and play them in a loop mode. Plus, you are allowed to enable or disable some of the songs.
Tests have shown that Touch Drums MIDI carries out a task quickly and provides very good output results. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory so the overall performance of the system is not hampered.
Bottom line
All in all, Touch Drums MIDI comes with a basic suite of features for helping you generate different types of mixes using multiple MIDI instruments and custom audio files from your computer.







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Touch Drums MIDI (by professional musicians)

Touch Drums MIDI (by professional musicians)

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In this case, the experimenters decided to run the programming of the game from the PC, connecting a keyboard and mouse via a USB cable. After an initial test, they realized that the mouse cursor (which controls the game) needed to be moved a lot to control the game, which meant that the mouse was too large in comparison with the PC screen.
Therefore, they decided to use a touchscreen in a variation of the game’s design, which, through the use of a keyboard input, would allow a user to interact with the game without the need of a mouse.
A first version of the touchscreen game was developed in such a way that the „mouse“ would fit into the palm of the user’s hand. This first version of the game was presented as an educational model in a public park in Singapore, with the players being given the opportunity to play the game without supervision.
The results were encouraging, as the entire community (by the end of the game, there were 10 players) was engaged in playing and enjoying the game. A second version of the game was presented in similar venues, using a mouse to play the game and a joystick to control the movement of the game’s characters and the camera in the game.
In the second version, the „mouse“ was more accessible to the players, which meant that the players had less trouble with taking turns and that the experience of playing was more enjoyable. The game’s design was also improved, as the complexity of the game was reduced in order to make it more approachable for the new players.
The games that were presented at these venues were also evaluated after the play sessions. In the first location, the players were asked about their opinion about the game and whether they would like to play it again in the future. In the second location, users were also offered the opportunity to leave feedback (by answering a specific questionnaire) about the game.

Touch Drums MIDI With Product Key X64 [Latest]


Touch Drums MIDI PC/Windows [Latest-2022]

‘Touch Drums MIDI’ is a handy little application that allows you to play your favourite songs via MIDI on any touch screen. If you’ve ever played drums on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you’ll know what this is all about. The application works with any and all MIDI drum sets, enabling you to play and mix any custom audio files on your touch screen.
You can get started with Touch Drums MIDI by simply dragging a drum kit onto the main window, then selecting the instrument you want to play from the window at the bottom of the screen. To play the drums, simply touch the screen and the drum kit will play. This is where the fun begins; you can quickly and easily mix in MIDI tracks and audio files from your computer, all with just a single click of the mouse, until you’ve got a great song.
– Import and edit audio from your computer
– Play custom audio files using touch or mouse controls
– Mix instruments together to get great results
– Stylize and animate drums
– Play your favourite songs
– 20 preset kits
– Tune drums using the built-in player
– Store instruments and playlists to the cloud
– Share your songs online
– See the octave played on each drum kit
– Adjust the volume of each drum kit
– Adjust the frequency response of instruments
– Add a drum key to store drum kits
– Change the key of the songs
– Ignore a row of instruments
– Play the drums with adjustable fret
– Dodge the beats in sync

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What’s New in the Touch Drums MIDI?


Diverse sounds:
You can choose from a variety of preset drums and drum kits. These include drum kits from Jerry Goldsmith and Jerry Goodman, the latter of which even includes a song that was recorded using his percussion instruments. You can also produce sounds using numerous instruments: a hi-hat, cymbals and more.

Sound production:
With a huge collection of drum sets to choose from and the option to add your own sounds, there’s a lot you can do to modify your own performance. The application allows you to adjust pitch, octave and sound speed and even to add notes, holding a certain pitch for a certain duration.

Audio files playback:
The main window has an option to play multiple audio files. You can pick from MIDI data or audio files from your computer.

You can import files from your computer to this application. In addition, you can export to MIDI or any file format.

Multi-track audio playback:
You have the possibility to add as many tracks as you want. This means that you can have several MIDI tracks playing simultaneously.

Multiple interface design:
You can switch between two interfaces: one for controlling your instruments using a mouse and one for controlling them using a touch screen. Furthermore, you can also add a keyboard to the touch interface.

Multi-touch support:
The application can read and interpret Touch Drums MIDI files, allowing you to play a mix using more than one touch input.

Drag and drop:
You can directly add a file to the main window using drag-and-drop.


It is possible to increase or decrease the sound of a drum set by toggling the SPEED button.

Using the FX button, you can add effects to your drum set or audio file by adjusting the speed and noise level.

Set the octave using the CURVE button.

Adjust the volume with the VOLUME button.


A Safe Music is required for playing in a real music player.


The download package includes:

Touch Drums MIDI.
Touch Drums MIDI Active X control (required to play with the mouse).
Touch Drums MIDI Setup.
Touch Drums MIDI Master.

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Category:Electronic musical

System Requirements:

For installation:
– Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher
– Windows Vista or later
– Windows XP SP2 or later
– OS X 10.7 or later
For play:
– DirectX 8.0 or higher
– OS X 10.6 or later
To play on OS X, you will need to use a native gamepad emulator.
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